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Can you be a police officer if you have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder?
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Can you be a police officer if you have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder?

Supposing, that is, that the bipolar individual is properly stabalized on medications and regularly evaluated by a psychiatrist.


Dog Lover
There is not a hard and fast list of illnesses that will disqualify you.

But, that said..........

Every agency is going to do a comprehensive mental and physical evaluation of you. If you are suffering from anything that could hamper your ability to fully do your job.. OR .. you are on any types of mind altering medications, your chances are very slim.

Sorry, its not being mean... its just being sure that society is best protected.

true blue
I seriously doubt it. I think you have to be pretty healthy without medication in order to be a cop.

I hope not.

It still would not work because Bi-Polar people are notoriously bad about going off their medications. It has always been the biggest problem, and you can't force the medication down their throats, or even know that they aren't taking them, until they are in the middle of a raging manic high. I certainly would not want to trust a manic-depressive cop with a gun, not even on his or her best day.


i would hope not

well u have to take and pass a psych test to become an officer same thing wit da army

That might not be the best career choice.

It would depend on the agency you are applying to, in the area you live in. It is not one standard answer across the board. But for every agency you have to take and pass a psychological evaluation. Being bi-polar on medicine does not automatically disqualify you, but it would make it harder to be accepted into the agency.

Check with your local agency to find out the requirements. You can also do the civilian side if things don't work out as a certified law enforcement agent.

I doubt there is a law against it, but you would have a hard time getting hired. I would not recommend lying about it, but give a different version of the truth. If they ask you about a disorder, just say you have none.

P.S. This is for the **** that was running off at the month about bipolar police officers with guns. You are a ******* moron. A bipolar person can buy a gun without being an officer. The only way they would be stopped is if they were institutionalized against their will by a court or were a convicted felon.

Stacey W
I guess it depends on where you live and that departments guidlines. I know that in Ontario (yes I live in Canada) My cousin who hopes to be a police officer soon has to agree to random testing to prove he is taking his medication, a weekly session with an appointed councillor to oversee his overall mental health. So long as he or she is able to responde in a reasonable mannor while on their meds and is able to preform the duties required of them then they can not be denied employment on this issue alone allthough they will be very closely monitored

Joe S S
They prefer homicidal maniacs...But in a pinch they might take bipolar....

No they cannot.

im pretty sure not, even if they take their meds, i wouldnt want a bipolar cop arresting me, and he forget to take his meds, that'll be scary

Yo it's Me
Only on your up days.

yes if you stay with your medication and psychiatrist....I don't really see what the problem would be...

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