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Can you become a cop after being arrested and having the charges dropped?
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Can you become a cop after being arrested and having the charges dropped?

I bought from an undercover.


i would have to say no cuz u were still doin the act

of course all cops are criminals

Horse Puckys!
Many many police have felony convictions, from big city fuzz to small town bozo's you cna find hem in alost every department especailly in big citys.
Police Forces have many differnt occupational fieldsds within them from dispatchers, intelligence agents, to clerks and armed patrool duty cops.
Domestic vilolece is one case in point. Whiel some deparmtents do not alow any offcier to have such a previous charge even a guilty or innocnet on their forces they can and many do hire them or keep them on force in a non armed( funny but they can be armed in National Emergency or under federal control) situations: motor pool clerk etc.
Try to get record expunged, join military police force, then apply after leaving such.
many many samll towns like good cheap wages hey can pay a guy desperate enough to take any job just to be a cop.

If the charges were dropped, you have NO criminal record and are not guilty (in the eyes of the law) of ANY crime. They do not generally ask about arrests. They ask about convictions. You were not convicted. You should have no trouble getting a job with the police department unless you're applying to the same department that arrested you and they "remember" who you are.

NYC will take you. They're desperate for people and unfortunately criminals are being hired.

I hear all cops are criminals; I must be doing something wrong because I live paycheck to paycheck.

Bob T
As long as you were not CONVICTED of a felony, yes you can. If you have any felony conviction or a misdemeanor charge involving perjury or false statement you cannot become a cop. But, since you were probably using the drugs it depends on how long ago we're talking about here. Just admit to it and you as long as you are not currently using you should be OK.

You do still have a chance. As long as you have NO CRIMINAL RECORD you can still be employed as a law enforcement officer. If the hiring agency finds out, they may ask you why the charges were dropped. If you have a decent explanation as to why you bought drugs from a narc (as if you could) they may hire you. My best advice would be to simply tell them that you have no criminal record and hope they don't sniff out the fact that you were arrested. A good attorney can cleanse any record of your incident, pay the money and have an attorney do some rehab and ask his/her advice while your at it.

Cali Cop
It is possible. What did you buy? Marijuana and crack are very different. Most departments won't hire you if you have used "hard" drug before. When they do the background and lie detector, they ask you if you have ever used drugs or committed any crimes. Unfortunately you have, even though the charges have been dropped. It doesn't matter how much time has passed and it doesn't matter if it was taken off your record. If it was a felony crime that you committed and you didn't get caught or convicted, then chances are they will pass on you. Let some time pass and give it a try. They realize no one is perfect and as long as you show that you are different now, they may take a chance on you. There is alot of competition out there for these type of jobs, but if you are a good candidate in every other area, then they have something to think about. Good luck.

Unfortunately no... the police do exptensive background checks and even though the charges were dropped, you were still accused of an immoral act.. The police departments want people that are above all that nonsense..So going against other candidates, you will probably be excluded..

Generally speaking, if you have a criminal record, forget it.

Probably not because given the choice, you will probably going against other candidates. I'm certain they'd pick someone over the person who was arrested. (Especially, for buying.)

i like gums
im a magical cop

Give it up.

The LEO community doesn't need a doper in the ranks.

Doc Cohen
Absolutely. Even if you have a conviction you can do it, but not a felony. Felon's can't carry firearms, and you can't be a cop if you can't carry.

hard to say-usually NOT-go check with the dept and ask them what the requirements are-its the best way to find out.

Every department has its own guidelines. You'll have to check with the department you would like to work.

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