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Can you find out who called the cops for a complaint on you?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you find out who called the cops for a complaint on you?

get a police report?
Additional Details
it was over something sooo stupid. Thats why I want to know who cause we never have complaints on us ever. Someone called the cops cause our dogs were barking! at 5pm ! I think thats ridiculous. they aren't even by anyones house or windows.???? crazy!


No - the police report won't list who called.

you can get a report, but names aren't public record

nope...its all confidential...unless you have an inside source.
..You can get a police report...but if someone has complained...and asked to be private..by law, the police have to keep the information...
so it all depends on situation.

No you can't find out who it was if they asked to remain anonymous and actually even if they didn't unless they put a restraining order on your or are taking you to court no i don't think they have to tell you

Petit Chou
The cops wont tell you .. I'm sure you'll find out soon enough. It usually comes in the form of wisecracks on the street. You could always buy a shortwave radio and tune in.... or do whatever you did again and wait till it goes to court .

Some things, y'don't wanna know.

I think it was this guy...


If it is serious enough to require a court appearance, you will find out then, most likely.

Sam Sharpe
Supposedly but if you live in a big city I promise they are going to give you the run around.

Kevin M

nagative they will not tell you,id just let it go and learn from it

Mystic Magic
If the person who made the complaint asked to remain confidental then sorry they are not allowed to reveal who it was.

Mr. Crowley

yup, just go down and get a copy of the police report. u might have to pay a small fee for it.

no, ask the neighbors. if that doesn't go down well, then get a po-po report.

They wont tell you for the protection of the complainant.

why would you even care? Were you guilty? are you planning revenge? how childish!

Shay Shay
i would just blame in on all of my neighbors till someone tells on someone

Nope you can get there number touge


I'll tell you what, I lived in a condo years ago. At the end of each month, the property manager would go to the police station and pick up that month's report. It clearly included information on who called who, why, and the date. If it was a fight, a medical emergency, harassment... you name it. They learned everything about residents dealings with the cops.

The only way you could not see who called was when the caller asked to remain annonymous. In that case, they wrote "annonymous" but still wrote the rest of the details.

If you called annonymously, the cops couldn't make an arrest unless the suspects or offenders were caught in the act...

By the way, that monthly report the property manager picked up was available for any resident to buy for a buck, at the PD's clerk's office...

Freeway Ricky Ross
Its the neighbors that don't like you. Trust me.


I think so

It's obamas fault

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