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Can you get arrested for.....?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you get arrested for.....?

pawning (not selling) someone else's property, but this someone is long overdue on paying you money? is that possible?


You will be held responsible for the value of the stuff you pawned.

Uncle Beavis
Yes, if that person reports it stolen.

You can get arrested for anything if the police think you are guilty,

eric r
yes you can get arrested that's called stealing. if you want your money you must press charges and take them to court. as soon as you decide to take the law into your own hands by any measure you are now committing a crime also

been there done that
yes, it is trafficking in stolen goods.

You pawned, you stole it.


No. You could get in a lot of trouble if you stole the property and are trying to sell it. If he 'gave' it to you, your fine

If they gave you permission to pawn it, then it's fine. if you are doing it without their knowledge and they report it lost or stolen or try to press charges then yes!

um....yes. it's called stealing. unless there is a written contract saying that if they do not pay you that you are entitled to their possessions, then yes, you can get arrested!

Chelsea B
depends on how long overdue...and depends on if they sue...you might get a ticket though, also depends on what it is, as long as its not like a car i doubt you will end up in jail!

Yes. If someone owes you money, the legal thing to do would be to sue them in civil court for whatever they owe you.

You cannot just decide to sell their property as a way to pay back their debt. If you do, they can press charges on your for selling stolen property.

Let's say you owe someone $300 and they're tired of waiting for you to pay. How would you feel if they just came over, took your XBox and said "okay, now we're even"? That's kinda messed up, and if someone did that to you, could could have them arrested for stealing your XBox...

Remember what just happened to OJ Simpson!!! Don't be like OJ!!!

yes, unless maybe they gave you the property as co lateral, and there was a contract.

Mike O
A first consult with a lawyer is generally free. It sounds like you need to talk to one based on the varied replies to your question.

Yes you can if they report it stolen. Not only will you get arrested, but you will have to pay for it and also will never be able to pawn anything again because you will be in the system as having pawned stolen property before. What you are thinking of doing is very foolish.

Randi S
if the person knows about it then, no. If they should come back for it and was not aware that it's been pawned, you can get in trouble.

HA HA Funny! um i don't think that's legal

im not sure but i think u can get arrested

Jiminy Glick
Usually a fine/ticket is issued. In some cases, however, depending on the value of the object, a suit may be filed in court and a fine may be issued and failure to pay a court fine means jail time for you.

Depends on how you obtained that property. If you stole it then, its theft and distribution of stolen property. If it was given to you or lent to you then that's a different story. I doubt the police would even get involved. I believe that that point it becomes a civil matter that they could sue you for. However, its not the greatest way to make your money back.

Jesse J
Yes, depending on how you got the property its either Burglary(if you had to break into the house to get it) or Larceny. You can also be charged with possesion of stolen property. If you want your moneyback legally you have to take them to civil court.

Taking it is theft.


You cant sell someone else or touch anybody else property

Yes you certainly can, not to mention the pawn shop can get in trouble for handling stolen goods. You cannot take someone's items unless they gave them to you as security for the loan. If they gave you the items to secure the loan, and didn't pay you back in the time required, you might be able to keep the items and do as you may with them. Otherwise it is pure theft and you will get in a lot of trouble.

Well ur taking something without permision.

You are all idiots! Do you not realize that converting someone else's property is called stealing? Of cause you can get arrested for it.

You'd just get a ticket? What is this??? If I sold your house would you be satisfied if the police just gave me a slap on the wrist and gave me a ticket???

Even if the person owes you money, you are required to go through the normal court processes. What else are the courts used for?

Yes you could be arrested. If I was you, I would hold their property for collateral, and file a small claims against them. Except first I would tell them my plan on what I could do, meaning small claims, and give them one more chance to pay what they owe. Otherwise inform them you will see them in court. Better to be legally safe, than sorry for pawning.

yes it is conversion

Just me.
Yes. Stealing is stealing .

There is a right way and a wrong way about law.

If someone owes you $ sue them in a small claims court, prove your case to a judge and you wouldn't t have to think about being bailed out of jail .

Dallen B
Each state has a little different definition of laws and the elements required for prosecution; some states might consider it embezzlement. If the property was entrusted to you and you converted it (such as sold it or traded it) to your own use or benefit you may be charged with a felony; a crime usually punished by1 year or more in state prison, a fine, probation, or some form of all. If you pawned it and fail to claim it you have in fact sold the item. You need to check local (state) laws for your own state. America's laws (this does not include Bush's I can do what I desire attitude) do not recognize two wrongs make a right!

Alex A
yes and you can get taken to court

yes because if they report it stolen then u have a real problem it stolen property and u pawned it under your name. so if the cops check the pawn shop for it and u pawned it u were in posession of stolen property that u pawned. so yes u can get arrested i work in a precint so i seen this happen before good luck


can a internet company take you to court for something that was given to you by a customer of theirs,that was no longer using the item ,that still belonged to them ,so claimed the company. and then the person who gave you it claims you stole it.????? can the company take you to court or the person who gave it to you

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