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Can you get arrested for calling someone a b*tch?
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Can you get arrested for calling someone a b*tch?

NOT DIRECTLY.. it was wrote on a piece of paper & this person found it & said, "i'm calling the cops, i hope you get arrested." So, could it happen? I'm thinking not but, I'm just curious.
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& another question, can someone get your lisence plate # just for any reason?


KC V â„¢
Your situation would be considered a misdemeanor offense. An officer will not make an arrest on a misdemeanor offense unless he/she witnesses the offense themselves.

This is why when people make complaints to the police and then wonder why the person they complained about hasn't been arrested...the police can't do it or they would be breaking the law. The person making the complaint would have to file a warrant for your arrest.

I seriously doubt this person you speak of will do that!

Merry Christmas!

♥ NY BABY! [Got Rings?]
no hon

smellyfoot â„¢
no. Freedom of speech protects your right to call someone a b*tch.

uh, no

Mercer Devil
You can't get arrested for calling someone a b*tch. That would be a violation of your First Amendment rights.

Well if you do get arrested for calling someone a b*tch than our legal system is more screwed up than I thought possible!

nooo way thats gayyy

Cj murtza
i dont really think so

well hello
It depends what else was said, usually no but they could sue you for defamation of character.
And yes anyone can get your license plate number, because it's on your vehicle, but there isn't much they can do with it.

No, you cant

No your not going to get arrested, and the person that wants to call the cops, trust me the cops are not going to do anything. Its not against the law.

azn chick
only if it leads to a fight, riots, violence, etc.

if it was on a death threat letter you could have prolbems

Angelo M
Freedom of Speech

The statement was offending, but it was not threatening to cause harm so no, you cant be arrested

Everyone else is crazy...but me!
If it's a lady cop or a judge, then YES!



freedom of speech allows you to yell whatever you want. However it is not absolute. If shouting words causes public alarm such as "fire" in a crowded theater then you may be arrested for disorderly conduct when you intend to cause public alarm. If yelling ***** at someone causes a public alarm then there is probable cause for an arrest. Outside of that you may incite a provocation that may leave you libel.

In the UK we have laws that ban the use of language that is likely to incite a riot - but that is the closest I can think of to getting arrested for failing to stop that language when told to do so.

Monsieur Rick
Question #1--No. Freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.
Question #2--You license plate is visible to everyone when you drive or anywhere you park.

no way. anyway b.i.t.c.h.is a term for a female dog!! not an offence ha ha ha

No, but it is a crime. I know a freedom of speech my A**. This happend to me once, I had to go make a statement, and had to go to court for that, they made me do some community service and I was on court supervision for a year, well that is how it works in Illinois. Oh yeah was your name on that paper, if not then they don't have nothing against you.

As for the plates thing. If they want your plate number all they have to do is see look at your car, but it is not valuable information, they cannot use it for anything.

Do you really think the police want to do all kinds of paper work on you for saying that?

Probably if you call someone a b*tch once, no. If you follow her down the street saying "B****, b****, b****, b***...," you could get arrested for harassment.

We have freedom of speech here in the USA, so no you cannot get arrested for name calling if you live in the USA

You can't get arrested for that. You have a freedom of speech remember. Its in the first ammendment. And besides, were their any witnesses? If not, its your word against their's.

No you can't get arrested for that at all.

Hell Naw!
I Woulda Been In Jail!
I Woulda Been In Jail Since I Waz 5 BiiTT!

Seen it all before

but if you were shouting and ranting it in the street you could be arrested for disturbing the peace

1. No. The first ammendment of the constitution alows every U.S. citizen the right to freedom of speech.

2. Well, you're not going to get in trouble for taking down people's licsence plate numbers randomly...

Rich C
nahh probably just a ticket

Joe Iwojima
no, most are.

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