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Can you get fined for not having your driver's licence when driving?
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Can you get fined for not having your driver's licence when driving?


yes In kentucky you just have to show a liscense that was obviously valid when the incident occured and it is dismissed.

In some states it is called "Driving without issued license on person". Driving requires both the license and having the license physically present on the driver. It is also a good idea to put an emergency home phone number on the back , if it is allowed in your state, in case of a severe drivers accident.
Also court costs up to $75, and fine of $25 or more is common. Plus an increase in auto insurance premiums. We are all like Rats in the big Maze of life and everyone wants Their piece of cheese. Holy Cheezes Help Us All!

Yes..... the law is written that you must have a driver's license in your possession or on your persons. The fine is higher if a person can not prove that they have been issued a license.

Yes. It's known as driving without a license.

Yep, you are required to have it while driving in any state. Sorry!!

Glinda W

Yes. In most states it says on the license that it must be carried when operating a motor vehicle. It is not having the license in your possession. It's not as bad as driving without a license, but there is still a fine.

Yes, in every state in Australia, on the spot fine. In NSW its $75 and you also get 1 or 2 points on your licence (or lose the points) whichever way you look at it.

Silly question

Yes, you can get fined for not haveng drivers licence when driving

Depends the State that you live in,They will check to see if you do have a valied drivers licence and if it come back that you do have a valid drivers licence, then he or she depending if you have any pryers then they'll let you off with a warning and remind you to have your licence,but if you do have pryers then you might get a tickit.

bobby v
Yep!But here in florida I think they drop the fine to like 5$ if you can take a valid license with you.If not it's like a 50$ fine

You have 48 hours to produce a valid drivers liscense in most states..

Marc X
No license, you WILL get ticketed if stopped. Used to be, you could go to court, show that your license was valid at the time, and you just forgot it. They'd drop the charge since they really just wanted the unlicensed people off the roads.

But now some states are jacking up revenue by fining you for not having the license on you, even if you do have a valid one at home.

My friend spent two days in jail for not having a drivers lic on him when he was stopped. ( His lic was good he just didn't have it on him ) This is in Warren Michigan. He paid 150 dollars to get out of jail. They towed his vehicle ( Another 150 dollars ) so it's really about them getting money. It's not about safety anymore. They ( Cops ) just want that money.

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