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Can you get in trouble for fliping off a cop?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you get in trouble for fliping off a cop?


Kenneth C
I had a guy how found it funny to buzz by me and flip me off one time while I was a traffic stop.

Too bad for him I was just getting back in the car after finishing the stop and he was traveling in the right lane in violation of the "Move Over" law.

He got a nice traffic ticket.

What this will do will cause the cop to watch for you to make some type of driving error to give you a ticket. You should think about this the next time you need one to come and help you.

me---no--i wouldn't be dumb enough to do that

johN p. aka-Hey you.
Maybe not, but that cop could watch you like a hawk, and make your life miserable. Your best bet, when you see a cop, wave to him using ALL your fingers.

I hope so because I don't think people should be disrespecting police officers in any way. I mean, these people are putting their lives on the line so that we can live safe and peaceful lives. Plus, they get paid hardly anything to do that.

crusader rabbitt
Not where I live.
But it varies from state to state.
Why would you want to do such an ignorant thing?

Yes, you can. Why would you do that? Don't you know any better? You are just asking for trouble.

You can get in trouble for spelling words incorrectly and poor grammar too.

Chris C
thats pretty obvious

heres a tip if they pull u over when u flipp them off just act a little bit retarted make ur hands move around a bit and say u have parkinsons.

Not in my USA


Barry auh2o
Just suppose you are being stopped.How do you know the cop wants to write a ticket?
Maybe he just wants to give you a verbal warning. Flip him, i guarantee you'll get a ticket.

Dont get Infected
i wouldnt recommend it. cops arent supposed to do anything really but i saw a video where someone did it and the cop beat him down with the baton

most jurisdictions, no they can't. However once you do flip off a cop, you are going to want to get away fast. Therefore this increases the potential for you to do something stupid, which probably is a potential you should not increase as you were dumb enough to flip a cop the bird in the first place. Once you do something stupid, you will be pulled over. Assuming the cop does not find something to arrest you for and possibly impound your vehicle for... expect a citation a mile long. Oh and don't expect the cop to be in a good mood either, or to listen to any lame excuse you might have, or to even care for a second. Bottom line don't do it.

In PA that could be considered a "Disorderly Conduct". And that mostly depends on the community in which it takes place (including the Judges).

It varies state to state. Do you really want to get pulled out of your car through your window...if so, do it.

I am not sure how much trouble you'd get in. But, flipping any person isn't very respectful! Maybe you should learn to like um....GROW UP!

I would write you for disorderly conduct, when you go up before the judge, that kind of stuff really pisses them off.

Let's see.
I wonder what your name was before today?.
You seem so familiar.
AKA ?????

old fuzz
"What goes around, comes around"

They will beat the **** out of you.

Hey Funny Girl, Are you serious...?
This answer is for all of us, including myself
(...just in case you are sensitive). I can't believe
your even asking such a question. It ranks a little
higher than flippin your mama off or your teacher.
We know you know the end results for doing that!

That "High fly'n finger" you might consider flipping
off a cop with might just as well be placed on or in
your person "Where The Sun Don't Shine" because
no matter how you (or all of us) "Figger Yo Finger"
there is about a 98% chance we'll all get screwed
by his or her "High fly'n ...Ticket Writ'n Finger(s)".
So Yo! Funny Girl! Go Figger Yo Finger!

No, but why start trouble with the MAN!

It would certainly be unwise.

The office could just follow you around and wait for your dumbheaded butt to violate and then pull your smart self over and throw the book at you.

I find that people who disrespect law enforcement are those who break the law and get caught frequently. They feel "picked on", poor dears.

Dusty P
Profanity and obscenity are not constitutionally protected speech. Therefore it could be a violation of your state or local laws.

Above all, it is a just plain stupid thing to do. Even if they don't cite you for anything they can inconvenience you a great deal.

mike b
you could get beat


woolly worm

jeff c
If I was a cop you'd be in trouble.

well, it isnt illegal, but believe me theyll find some reason to do something to you if you piss them off. a few years ago i saw a video of some guy walk up to a cop and flip him off (maybe said something too) and the cop just beat the hell out of him. but do it any way, i do, just make sure they cant catch up to you and that youre not doing anything illegal or have anything illegal on you at the time, and if neither of you are in a car be far enough away to not get beat. ha.

they could plant drugs on you.........dont be stupid.

thats freedom of speech

depends on the pig

you tell em sgt d in the butt!

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