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Can you report rape without any evidence can the trial still go to court?
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Can you report rape without any evidence can the trial still go to court?

Let's say you were raped seven or eight months ago. You didn't see your attacker but kept having weird dreams about this symbol. One day you are at the pool with one of your friends and his boxer shorts falls a bit lower because of the water and you see the symbol that you kept dreaming of tattooed on him. You confront him about it and he smirks telling you that it you can't prove it...and insinuates that he was the one. You destroyed all physical evidence but you can swear on your grandmother's grave that it is him... you want to report it. What channels does it go through and is it possible that he may be tried? Even without any physical evidence and its basically his word against yours?
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I don't care if I can't win it... but I just want to know if it can go to trial...


pray for sanityx
you can contact the police and report the rape, theyll figure out how to proceed from there on out. there may be more than one victem so there are ways around the no-evidence issue. Though if you have no proof, it would be hard to convict him if youre the only one, the best bet would be to report the rape to the police and let them decide how to proceed.

His Angel
No if you have no evidence there is nothing you can do. You can't have a trial based on he said, she said. Sorry!

How you can you procced a case without any evidence?

Dr Zoidberg
You would have a very, very tough time getting the DA to accept charges on a case like this. Time lapse, no evidence, only a smirk and a dream...sounds like a TV show plot.

The ONLY way the guy could get convicted is if he owned up to it, signed a confession, and pleaded "Guilty".

u can but its gonna be hard to prove it because theres no evidence and the law is you have to go beyond unreasonable doubt

It's a weak case, but it could still work. Based on what you have, there is not much that can be done, however, an investigation could reveal more evidence.

I've started with less and built solid cases that eventually resulted in confessions and convictions.

You can always report it, It will be up to the DA in your area if they think they can win the case. Some may try, others won't try.

The fact he had a mark that you can remember is a good fact.
You may not include the weild dreams about it in your statement, only that you remember it, and saw it again on so and so.

of coarse you can report it. be prepared because it will be his word against yours and he did admit to it. I had a case a few months ago where the victim now 35 years old accused a family friend of molesting her when she was 17. he was found guilty and is serving 8 years.

frankly, im not entirly sure.. but next time, keep any evidence, and be sure to contact the police. that can find him and put him in jail. maybe if you say you can describe the symbol descriptivly, he might be triald. but you may not win, since all your proof is gone.

You can certainly report the rape-some states have Statute of LImitation Laws, but none are as short as 8 months, so technically you can report it and expect criminal charges to be filed. While there may not be any physical evidence, there are certainly other kinds of evidence the police can pursue. If you make an accusation, the first step will be for the police to question the alleged perpetrator. Alot will hinge on his account of what happened and/or his alibi. You need to be certain to report the conversation you had with him at the swimming pool. Since he said those things to you directly, it could be used as evidence and not pushed aside as "hearsay". The most important thing about reporting your rape so many months later is DETAILS! If you can, try to remember everything that happened: time, place, sounds, smells, are all VERY important and the police will want as many details as possible. Part of your question is confusing: did you remember in a dream that this happened or can you actually remember it? Those kinds of things will also be important. I would suggest writing your account of what happened and taking it with you when you go to report. This will give you time in a private place, and in the comfort of your surroundings to think about what happened and any details you might know. Best of luck in pursuing this! My prayers are with you and all rape victims!


In order for the prosecutor to take a case to trial he needs to feel it is viable . . .
For instance, after the attack, you went to the ER and they took a DNA sample . . . ( you did go for medical right ?) . . .
Witness testimony is loosing favor as many people have been falsely accused by witnesses and even victims. Lots of people even make up stories to get others in trouble, and this is unfortunate because honest people also suffer the repercussions of it.
The evidence that counts is the DNA and since you were raped, the DNA from the attack would be in the ER records and it is the evidence the prosecutor needs to take the case to trial.
I am sorry you are learning the hard way about this, some girls get attacked after being slipped amnesia drugs, but even though she can't remember who the next day, the doctors exam always gets the DNA and that hangs the rapist.

Yes you can and should report it. It is much more difficult without any physical evidence, but often a victim goes home, showers, cleans up, etc and then calls the police several days later. They will still do a rape kit, unless the length of time was beyond the scope of forensic evidence, but they will know that.

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