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Can you sue someone for falsely accusing you of a crime?
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Can you sue someone for falsely accusing you of a crime?

my boyfriend had to spend weeks in jail because nobody could afford his bail. turns out the person that put him in jail (that he had made mad) knew someone and had him slapped with dozens of erroneous charges. then all the charges were later dropped before trial because they were not true and would not stand up in court. how can they get away with this?? he wasted weeks of his life in jail and he now has tons of legal debt.


William E
You can sue for a lot of things. First off you can sue the complaining party for making the false allegations--if spoken you sue for slander if written you sue for libel, both are forms of defamation of character. You also sue that person for abuse of process--i.e. making false statements to authorities causing them act. You might also sue the arresting authority, this is tougher, but if you can show they didn't investigate or investigated poorly and could have discovered that the allegations were untrue or knew them to be untrue, you might also get them for violating your civil rights. You need a good attorney to do this. Contrary to what others are saying your damages are not just the debts incurred, you would be intitled to damages for your deprivation of liberty as well and since this also amounts to false imprisonment and other tortious or even criminal conduct, if you win you are entitled to punitive damages as well--classically measured at 3 to 5 times the debt incurred.

I would go after these characters like a bull dog. You should realize that it will be harder to get at the authorities involved since their actions have a presumption of sovereign immunity...you first have to show that they either acted outside their authority or acted within it knowing the claims to be untrue. A harder burdent to prove, but the person who made them act with untrue allegations could be in a heap of trouble. But remember, anything he said would be okay if it turns out to be the truth.

--Lawyer here

Yes, you can. Go talk to an attorney. You can sue for the amount of debt that situation has caused....among other things. Seriously, go talk to a lawyer.


As far as I know, unless you can sue for slander, you are fighting a losing cause.
Contact a lawyer.

He can sue the liars for libel and slander. He can sue the police for false arrest and illegal detention.

you can sue someone for just about anything ... even if it wasnt false ..

you can sue almost anyone for almost anything. in order
to collect you must be able to prove the accusations
were done with malicious intent. you could collect from
law enforcement only if you can prove they had reason
to believe the charges were false.

Freedom of speech. 1st Ammendment

You can sue for false imprisonment and if anyone found out about it and it negatively affected him financially he can also sue for his loss.

its calle slander and yes he can sue the person, and also sue them in court for fale arrest hons, and his attourney fees hons seek a lawyer i, know hes got tons of debt, get a lawyer fast hons and start suing the person!!

Robert B
Yes you can..... however you cant get Blood out of a Turnup

S. Cruz
I would contact a civil trail lawyer if I were you and explain my situation to him/her. A large part of civil trail lawyers usually don't charge you anything legal fees unless you win the case in court. But to answer your question, YES......you can sue the living hell out of this person. The government does it all the time to regular people. Remember about six or nine months ago, the case of the runaway bride. Anyways, she runaway to Mexico the day of her wedding and had half of America looking for her and it turned out that she made some story about her being kidnapped by Mexicans which wasn't true. Well, she was taken to court for wasting the time of law enforcement agents, gas in which the vehicles used while looking for her and several other things like ****filing false charges****. Let me know how this turns out. My email is mazdarider23@yahoo.com.

Yes. Your boyfriend should get a good lawyer,and go for it! Good luck to him!

suggest not to make people mad ( costly lesson huh !!)

Yes, and since he already owes legal fees to a lawyer, that lawyer wants his payment and will get part of the lawsuit. Sounds like a motivated attorney to me.

kimberly k
he needs an attorney. i would also make sure that this person pays for your boyfriends attorney fees when all is said and done.

Sara D
It depends on your state laws but some states allow you to sue someone for wrongful prosecution. Go see an attorney. Usually a consultation is free. The attorney listens to your story and then tells you whether you have a case.

I was charged criminally at work for finding money on the ground and was trying to get the money i found to its rightful owner to the security booth at my work. I was trying to do the right thing which happened in the past giving to security I wasnt given that chance I was arrested right away. This person charged me with theft and i lost my job and it ruined my name and might ruin my life to have record. Never done nothing wrong at work having a clean record for 20 yrs. If i beat this charge with a lawyer, will i be able to counter sue for slander, false accusations, loss of work, mental anguish on me and family? What are my rights?

My Son leant against the window of his ex girlfriends house and it fell in, (he was also on the tenants agreement but had left her the previous week taking their 18 month old daughter with him). He had asked his ex for entrance to the property to gain access to his legal belongings as he had no means of identity with him they were all left behind in the property when he left. He told her he would be coming to collect his things on a certain day, she was out and had bolted the door to which he had a key so he could not gain access . He gained access to the house through the broken window. Couldn't find his legal documents anywhere but took some of his own possesions which he desperately needed. He was arrested by police 2 hours later accused by his ex of stealing the birth certificates of his daughter and his ex's other 2 children, also his ex and her new boyfriend jemmied the door where window had fallen in to make it look like my son had done criminal damage. He was arrested at 10.15pm and released at 11.45 the following day accused of breaking and entering and theft, he was charged with a £60 fine. How can this happen and what are his rights, can he sue his ex and the police for false arrest. His ex had put his driving liscence on the table in clear view of the police after my son had left the hose.


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