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Caught shoplifting, but no police involved?
Find answers to your legal question.

Caught shoplifting, but no police involved?

I was caught shoplifting at Sears, I am 17 from Oregon. It was my first offense, they had my mom come get me and sign 2 papers. They told me they weren't gonna call the cops and that I am banner from any Sears for 2 years unless I am with a parent. After that they let me go with my mom. They had my id and got a picture of a bracelet that i stole that was worth $9. Question, could this be on my record since the cops weren't even involved and would I be able to get a citizenship in US because i only have a green-card and I will apply for citizenship when i turn 18, which is in one month. And what are they likely to do other then fine me in mail? I appreciate your answers.


Hi, listen, this offense is not even a misdemeanor offense, it becomes a problem when you are trying to steal something that's worth over 200 dollars. this will most likely not be on you personal record. you will be OK. (good thing sears didn't call the police)

You will also be fine with your citizenship, (my friend was caught with narcotics "which is a MUCH larger offense" while he was a resident of the us, he was later on able to become a citizen of the United States.. Good luck,, and don't panic too much

Their not going to fine you, they let you go. It's not going to effect the citizenship process. Don't go back to Sears without a parent, if you're caught in there without one they can have you arrested for trespassing. Don't try ripping somebody else off because they might not be so nice.

do not worry if they did not contact police you will not have a record
if i were you i would go back to sears with a parent and talk to the people who caught you and thank them and apologize for doing this
just to enforce that what you did was wrong and are thankful for not getting police involved . a second apology would be nice and they would feel good that you did it

You weren't charged with anything, so there is nothing to go on your record.

Libertarian and proud of it
No, it can't go on your record. You would need to be found guilty of shoplifting in court, which you weren't. So your record is clean.

They will most likely just send you a fine. I advise paying it. Otherwise, they can press charges.

I also advise you to not stay with security the next time. They can't legally hold you there. Just leave and avoid the trouble.

Paul in San Diego
If the cops weren't involved, don't worry about it. The INS doesn't check with Sears when someone applies for citizenship.

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