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Cop pulled me over. No ticket, took license?
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Cop pulled me over. No ticket, took license?

Okay a cop pulled me over tonight and asked to see my license and insurance and stuff so I showed him it. He gave me back my registration and insurance and took my license. I was really nervous so I kept saying I'm sorry and I won't speed again and blah blah blah. And I was like are you giving me a ticket? He was like no I'm not, but he took my license and a minute later he came back with it and gave me his card. Why did he take my license?! I didn't get a ticket, but just wondering what that was about. He gave me a card and my license back and was all you need to slow down, etc and have a good night. I'm confused..


Lt. Dan reborn
He just made sure your insurance and registration were current. He then went back and ran your license for warrants, suspension, etc.
After he found out that you were worthy of receiving a break rather than a ticket, he let you go. As for his card, not all agencies give warning tickets, some either give a ticket or nothing at all.. Then later when the person calls in with a question, complaint or a commendatory thing about the officer, with no warning ticket or anything it is daunting to try and figure out who stopped that person.
It may be department policy if you don't write a ticket, you give them your card if they need to know who stopped them.
I do know I got just about the same number of complaints for tickets and warnings for some reason. Very few actually, but some people weren't happy even when they got a break, go figure.

He took your license to check you on his computer to make sure that you didn't have any outstanding tickets or warrants.

To run a check to see if you had any outstanding warrants.

Michelle Zalbo
He was checking your license to make sure there were no outstanding warrants and that your license was not suspended.

Any Republican 2012
Trying to see if you had any warrants, checking your driving history, making sure it was a valid license and hadn't been suspended, etc.

P.S. You're lucky. A guy would have been given a ticket.

He was checking your record.

As long as you got everything back who cares?

From the sounds of the card he was hitting on you heh.

Call the police station and ask.

Maggie MercuryMorrisonTownshend
Maybe he issued you a warning?? I don't really know. Maybe he took it and wrote down your phone number... either way, don't sweat it. Count your lucky stars you got off easy tonight!

Michael A
Maybe he was running your license on his computer or calling for a check on your license. Don't know why he would give you his card. He might give it to you if you asked for it.

He took your license to make sure it was authentic and that you didn't have a criminal record, or any outstanding warrants. Its common procedure ... make sure who you're taking to is who they say they are, and that they're not wanted for anything.

You got lucky if he just gave you a warning ...

haha first time being pulled over? he just wanted to run your info thru the databases to check for warrants and whatnot. as long as you got it back, its pretty normal.

California Street Cop
He just checked to make sure your registration and insurance was valid. He then ran you out to check for a valid driver's license and if you have any warrants. The business card serves as a receipt for the car stop in the event you want to lodge a complaint or need to show your boss why you were late.

√†¬ģ?Lil Bitch√†¬ģ? (a.k.a. √°?¬¶Snazzlefrazz√°?¬¶)
I ran your information to make sure you didn't have any outstanding warrants. He let you by with a verbal warning, be grateful.

they do this so that if people try to run they have no choice but to leave it behind, giving the officer excellant proof and allowing him to check the card easily, they don't want mto memorise the number everytime they pull someone over just to go and type it in....

He probly just ran your license. Dunno bout the card, I'd have to know what it said on it. I've been pulled over twice they take your license and run your name to make sure it comes up clean and all that good stuff. I've never recieved any kind of "card" from them though.

It's truly amazing. People complain when they get a ticket, and question it when they don't. The Officer did his job, and at his discretion, gave you a break. If it will make you feel any better, go into the station, and demand that you receive a citation.

Michael N
I'm with you up to the point where you said "he gave you his card". He checked your registration to see if the car was properly registered. He made sue you had insurance. He ran a check on your license to check your driving background & to see if you had any outstanding warrants. BUT if he gave you his personal card... that one would worry me a little. If by any chance the same cop stops you again... Well I think you get my drift.

.:Miss. Dawkins:.
He let you off with a warning! He took your license to run your license number to see if you had any warrants or other tickets. It's nothing to worry about!!

He ran out your information to make you sure 2 things:

1) You're liscense is valid and you were not driving while suspended or revoked which is against the law.

2) You have no outstanding warrants. Make sure you are not wanted in that state or any other for commiting a crime and fleeing.

I am not clear on the question...Did you ever receive your license back, or did he keep them? If he kept them than you should call the police station he probably just forgot to give them to you or something. If he gave them back, that is normal...They always look at your license and run the number to see if you have any warrants out for your arrest or something. They do this rather you are getting a ticket, a warning, or nothing.

same thing happened to me... IDK WHY?!?!

He needed to see it better in the car with his erm...pants down... and get down your information to see if its real.

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