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Did Mark Fuhrman plant evidence in the OJ Simpson case?
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Did Mark Fuhrman plant evidence in the OJ Simpson case?

I personally think OJ was Guilty but did the police try to frame a guilty man?
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One of the things that always annoyed me was that Fuhrman never gave a satisfying answer as to why the glove was still moist.


Perry L
Did you hear about the cops in L.A. that were working with the gangs? Many cases were overturned because of planted evidence just a couple of years ago. Also several cops went to prison for contract murders they commit ed for the drug gangs. Planting evidence is the status-quo for the LAPD the largest paramilitary organization in the U.S..

O.J. was no doubt guilty but the LAPD screwed the investigation up by trying to make sure he was convicted...why not? They seem to do it as a matter of course.

Certainly. OJ was guilty and it could have been proven so if the police hadn't made such a fiasco of the investigation.

Ignorance is bliss, he is a racist and allowed his racist bias attitudes to get in the way of justice. Thus we had the out come we had, thanks to Mark Fuhrman OJ went free.



he was very over zeallous, thinking that the evidense showed that OJ did it, they planted more to insure a conviction, but it back fired and a killer walked

Lottie W
I think the police were so afraid that OJ would get off, they DID plant evidence-- and let a murderer off.
It is a testimony to shoddy police work, and CATCHING shoddy police work at a terrible price.
I think OJ should be on death row instead of golfing. And he and his trial further polarized this country with the "race card." Even now, most black people think OJ was framed by the police-which is true-and most whites think he was guilty-which is also true.
I think it is sickening that he is free and can be around those innocent children.

As shady as Fuhrman may have seemed, NO, HE DID NOT...

You bet they did, and did a really poor job of it as well

It's doubtful even though it looked that way.However, I do believe SOMEONE planted that glove at Rockingham. Fuhrman made racist statements and got caught lying about it, but when you look at the overall picture, most people would deny deny in a big case like that one was.I hate racists and I hate racists comments also. But I can understand his reasoning.
I'd love to see the actual evidence in this case. The ground area near where Nicole's body was found was littered with toys and a lot of debris. I believe the glove at Bundy was already there PRIOR to the murders. After all, Nicole did a lot of her own gardening according to Faye Resnick. She didn't care of the gloves she used cost $50.00 or $5,00. I believe she'd used OJ's gloves at some time or another and just dropped them there and they were never picked up.
Another thing while we are on the subject. There is an alleged picture of "Fuhrman's" leg, ankle and shoe in the dirt area where Goldman's body was allegedly 'found" But the area where Goldman's body was allegedly "found" was very small. 6 x 4 the detective witnesses testified...barely big enough to contain Goldman's body. Yet, "Fuhrman's" leg and ankle and shoe are seen as though he was sitting in that area.
But if we look at the picture he appears to be squatting there, and that is what he tells us
But take a look at that photo. You will find it in Fuhrman's own book, "Murder in Brentwood".... No way the picture is of FUHRMAN'S leg, ankle and shoe.
No way...
we recall two detectives testifying early on that Goldman's body was found "leaning against the wall"
and it it was "leaning against the wall" his body was partially sitting up.
No way that picture of Fuhrman's leg, ankle and shoe

(later we were shown pictures of Goldman and the testimony changed, saying that he was found "lying prone on his side near the fence."

There were all kinds of problems in that case. Strange problems. Two people never called as witnesses said they saw a woman, "Asian looking" with a man leaning against her..."
They said "the man didn't say anything"
Why never called?


No. But it didn't matter. Showing the video of Furhman's screen test using the "n" word was enough to create the doubt needed to destroy his testimony.

No, he didn't. OF COURSE NOT.


Joey Bagadonuts
.....OJ was and IS guilty as sin.

A loud, resounding NO.

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