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Do i get money for turning in drug dealers?
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Do i get money for turning in drug dealers?

if i knew of a drug dealer and turned him in, would i get a reward from the cops??


its possible to get reward but i would put my money on you just coming up missing. Snitches are a dying breed.

its possible to get reward but i would put my money on you just coming up missing. Snitches are a dying breed.

Depends of if he was wanted and a reward was offered. Turning in random criminals usually does not get you a reward. If someone is dealing drugs you should turn him in regardless if a reward is offered or not.
I know its considered snitching but, I bet the people who would call you a snitch would not do so if the dealer was selling to their kids.

it would be best for everyone you knew if you was just quite its not helping anyone out by putting him away its just putting other people who you love in danger

*ll ll ll ll*
unless he has a bounty for him then no. but you will get shot.

If he's in your neighborhood, you should just call in with an anonymous tip. Getting rid of the danger should be reward enough. If you don't give out your name or allow yourself to participate in any sting operation, you'll be fine.

who knows man!!! but if they did and you snitch on someone its gonna take all the money they gave you if any at all and your gonna have to run like hell....cuz they will CAP YOUR *SS!!!!

Arielle H
no.they only give rewards for high profile murder cases,when u alert cops to the murderer.turning in a drug dealer WILL get u a "prize",of sorts-he or his friends will shoot u. stay away,but dont turn any1 in,unless u plan on dying young.

Jason A.K.A. GrInGo
Depends on the drug dealer.

If it's the small time, yeah maybe you'll get a few dollars or maybe you'll just get a pat on the back by a cop and a "good job"

It's it's the big time Drug dealer, you might just get few extra dollars and a hit on your name.

You should not get a reward unless one was explicitly offered, since all decent human beings have a moral duty to turn in scum like that. They cause crime and misery. You do know they probably funded 9/11?

EDIT, I am appalled by the number of gutless cowards who think it is fine to do nothing about drug dealers. What will they do when someone burgles their house to buy crack? What about when their child is in the clutches of the dealers? Not to mention the fact that these people most likely claim benefits, pay no tax in their huge incomes and drive flashy cars from their illicit gains. Reality check.

it all depends.. its not enough just to turn someone in, but they need the evidence necessary to convict him in court..the cops probably know about the guy, but cant catch him red handed, which is really what they need..

most agencies have a crimestoppers/tips program....with those programs you can turn someone in anonymously and give the cops the info they need without anyone knowing who you are.. usually those lead to some money..we have a crimestoppers setup in my area and it does work and it does pay out. you are known only thru a codename.. you can give tips on computer/phone/text msg., nowadays...

even when not giving tips anonymously its definately possible to remain anonymous to the badguys... unless you end up giving a witness statement, the cops wont use your name, just the info that gets them to the evidence/arrest...

CI's (confidential informants) generally get money or some sort of payment, and almost always remain anonymous and rarely have any problems... i have a few CI's (even though I am not a detective), and they've never been found out by the bad guys that I have arrested as a result of the info that the CI's have given me... they also make quite a bit of money..

Digital Age
No. But you might get a bullet in your azz.
In the criminal underworld, there is a strict code of enforcement against snitches. Rats.

The Central Scrutinizer
Yeah theyd interegate you too. No cops are asholes they dont give rewards for that. Also you should spend your time concentrating on making your own life fuller instead of trying to ruin someone elses. You dont know the fully integrated picture of the drug dealers situation.

Those who say drugs (some) are bad are the ones who have something to loose.

I smoked dope for years and lost everything when i stopped.????

Its only illegal cos they know youl do it.?

Buck Ofama

yeah a big reward, a bullet hole right in your azz...snitch!!!!

Just another Cletus guy
Not much, they get enough freebies from pissed off girlfriends and meddling parents to keep them informed. You'd probably be lucky to get a C-note out of them.

Ted E
I don't know, but certainly hope so... something needs to be done to stop the abuse....and stupidly of using drugs...if I had the money I would give it to you... but knowing our government you would more than likely be harassed as most politicians support drug use under the table so to speak

Recreational man
Ed your a waste of seaman. Drug dealers didn't fund 911. Y would they want increased police activity. Bush and his Saudi cronies funded it to scare Americans into a falsified oil war. I hope your kids are buying crack so I can turn them in

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