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Do i have to go to court for a ticket?
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Do i have to go to court for a ticket?

I got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt yesterday. the court date is marked for june first.. if i pay the ticket before the court date do i still have to go or can i just leave it alone?


James R
If there is a fine printed on the citation then you can pay for it. If there is then there should be payment options on the back on how to pay for it.

The other option is to go to court, where it could be retired or dismissed.

Read the ticket if it legally done then it should appear like a summons and advise you as how to plea (make yourself guilty and pay the fine) but be prepared for the unforeseen consequences. I tell everyone to go to court. It is the only way to represent yourself and get the facts. Or lastly you could simply call the local court or DMV and they can give you the Information you need to make the right choice.

If you pay the ticket, you don't have to go. If you go to fight the ticket to get it reduced then you do.

If you are 18 or older, you can pay the ticket and be done with it, you may even have the option of going to violators school. If you do, the county court will mail you a brochure once they receive your payment.

If you do not pay it by your court date, or you are a minor, you must go to the court date or a warrant will be issued for your arrest for failure to appear.

If you wish to go to court, but the court date is not good for you, you can call the courthouse and request to extend the date. I did this myself, for a speeding ticket because I could not afford to pay it off at that time, they extended it 2 months and I got it paid off within the first month of extention.

Eric F
if u pay before then you usually don't have to appear.

Andy G {Join The Resistance}
Most states recognize not wearing a seat belt a citation or infraction. If you go to the court to pay for the ticket you are still showing up to court and pleading guilty to the charges as you are paying your ticket. This could increase your insurance premium and affect your driving record. You could try speaking with the prosecutor about pleading it down or you could hire a traffic attorney to see if he/she could find a way to dismiss the charges.

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