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Do people feel pain when they are hanged, before death occurs?
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Do people feel pain when they are hanged, before death occurs?

Do they suffer at all, or is it a quick, painless death?


Hello =)

There are two ways to hang a person.

One is to cause death by the quick breaking of the neck and damage to the brain stem.....this is relatively humane, and little suffering occurs, presumably, because the person loses consciousness almost instantly. In this case, the body must drop suddenly at least 10 ft, in order to reach a fast enough velocity to actually break the neck quickly. Sometimes, people with strong neck muscles do not actually have their necks broken, no matter how far they drop, and in that case, the suffering is great.

The other method, is to allow the person to drop only slightly, allowing the noose to tighten around the throat, slowly, and painfully strangling them to death. This is a horrible way to die...full of much suffering and pain. This is how people who "hang themselves" as a method of suicide frequently die, because they do not understand the method of hanging very well. This method was frequently used in "the old west", and is the method portrayed when you see people flailing their feet about in movies. I don't know of any modern executions that use this method, out of simple compassion.

Namaste, and Happy New Year,


well, in China, we watch these shows that show empresses of kings hanging themselves and they always seem to struggle before they die, possibly from the pain of the rope around their necks strangling them? if you want quick painless death, poison and injections will definetely be the most painless, but a firing squad seems to be the quickest next to a guiloteen (I can't spell that)

No the noose should have the knot that when you drop it snaps your neck. and death is immediate. You feel nothing.

I hope it is a painless, swift conduct of justice... unless in Saddam's case, when it should be carried out by lifting him from the ground, naked, by piano wire.

ask Saddam

I have never gone through it myself but I have seen video of hangings and they don't always die instantly so I am sure they feel pain. Some of them die from suffication which is very painful. Only the lucky ones get their neck snapped and die instantly.

It`s all in the position of the knot.If it is to kill quickly the knot is a little to the side to break the neck and kill instantly.If the knot is lined with the spine then the person is slowly choked to death.

yes, there air passage is closed, they feel pain, it is not an instant death, quick but not instant

depends on the death penelty
if hanged, they would suffer , if like head chopped off or something it would be painless
Who knows?

If its not done right I understand it can be painful. But if its done right its quick.

Sugar Britches
It is by no means quick or painlesss. It basically chokes you "to death" nor is it the answer to anything. You may want to speak to someone if you are considering suicide. PLEASE!!!

Most of the time not much pain ( though not totally non existent mind you), since hanging is designed to break the neck, thus the spinal chord as well, to sever connection with the brain. However, if breaking the neck fails, the victim must then surely suffocate to death, with painful results in the lung tissue.

It depends how it's done. Hanging used to be put a rope around their neck and let them swing from it - you'd die from a lack of oxygen to the brain, a death which takes several minutes, and at least a minute before you lose consciousness. Modern hangings (should) snap the victim's neck, because you work out a formula based on their weight so that the drop is long enough for it to snap their neck every time. This would sever the spinal chord and would certainly mean a much quicker death.

Whether or not any "accidents" will occur that Sadam Hussein does not get the correct drop remains to be seen.

I would expect that it would hurt for a few seconds (something really tight around your neck). You will black out in less than a minute if the blood supply is cut off to your brain.

If the neck doesn't break right away from the spinal cord, then it could be excruciating pain for a miniute or two.

depends on how good the hangman is, but I would assume ther is pain, but no one is around afterwards to tell you

no. they lose consciousness first and die. It should be very quick if done right.

Of course they feel pain. It's extreme stress on the neck, usually if their neck breaks immediately, then the death is quicker, but sometimes it does not and the victim must suffocate to death instead.

ask the ppl who are hanged. they will tell you the most acurrate answer.....if they can

I dunno, try it and let us know! I would imagine it's painful, you do suffocate, right? That sounds painful to me...

From what I've read, there are about four seconds before a person actually loses consciousness. I'd have to believe there's not only pain, but panic during that time (struggling for air, and knowing you won't get any).

EDIT--I forgot about what Twigward said....he's right. If the knot is right and you drop quick enough, it snaps your neck....no pain. But, if the knot is wrong or you don't drop fast enough, I imagine there'd be some pain.

Either way, I never tried it, so can't answer for sure....and never got the chance to ask anyone who has.....

when you are hanged, as in, dropped from a height with a rope around your neck...the weight of your body will break your neck making it quick. now, if you are standing on the ground and someone raises you up by a rope around your neck, you will choke and suffocate which...cannot be pleasant.

Me and my friends used 2 play a game when we were little ( guess we were bored) we would put pressure on both sides of the neck where the main ateries pump blood and we would pass out.. Of course we would let go right away and wake up feelin dizzy but fine. Felt no pain what so ever, so I'm guessing the only thing painful about that is fear of dying. I bet it is painless if not dropped from a high distance.

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