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Do police officers get commission out of tickets and if they do what percentage?
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Do police officers get commission out of tickets and if they do what percentage?

where does the money from the tickets go to?


No, and most cops I know hate having to give tickets cuz it generates to much paperwork, that is why sometimes a cop may just issue you a verbal warning. It's the big stuff they like to go after when called on. No quotas, thats ridiculous.

Kenneth C
No commissions or quotas here.

I tell my crew that I want at least 2 car stops per shift (they usually do more on their own). Whether or not they issue a ticket or warning is up to them.

♥ Mel
No they do not. They get a salary for doing their job. So many of them have to take second jobs to make a living for their families.I think this is a shame ti ourselves and to America.

no.and there is no quota either.

the money goes to the issuing city/state/

No, Police Officers do not get any commission on the tickets they write and most towns, cities and counties do not have quotas. Writing some tickets is just a small part of the job for most police offticers and deputies.
Once again, most places don't have quotas-- we can write as many as we like.

John H
I also wish I got a commission! Stop and think about it, if we go a commission you would never get a warning.

Our fines go to the State.

Ther is no quota and we do not get a commission from the tickets we write. I guess this argument will go on as long as there ar cops. It gets sooooo old

No they don't, the money usually goes into the general fund for the city, county or state. sometimes a small percentage in given to the dept. that issued the ticket and it goes directly into the police budget.

Farly the Seer
No, they don't. Though legend has it that they have quotas, but they vehemently deny this.

The money goes to the governing entity for whom the policeman works (city, county, state). Writing tickets generates revenue, and for at least some municipalities, they've turned it into quite the money machine.

There's no revenue in catching a burglar or a murderer.

Brian C
I'm paid by the hour no matter how many citations I issue. My Sheriff doesn't care if I write zero and he doesn't care if I write a hundred. I can guarantee one thing: If we got commission out of every citation, there would be no such thing as a verbal warning. The money generated by citations goes to the state to be distributed to such things as having roads paved and signs posted.

After 20 years of writing them I can tell you no, there is no quota and no, there is no commission. The revenue generated goes into that municipalities general fund. The reason the officer asks you "Do you know why I stopped you?" Is because you never know what you might hear. The answer could be "no" or it could be "I just killed my family with a hammer". If you don't ask you will never know.

the police do not even get one penny of that money. all that money goes into a city fund

i'm susan
no quotas
no commissions

where the money goes: into the budget that funds the city, county, and/or state
ALL convictions whether they are traffic tickets (class "c" misdemeanors), class "b" misdemeanors, class "a" misdemeanors, and felonies have a fine and court cost attached to the conviction. (and a time sentence too, but that has nothing to do with money) the court costs go to pay for the cost of using the court. each state has a different system for deciding where the money goes, how it is split between the county, city and state.
the reason your taxes aren't higher is that revenue from those convictions pays for roads, bridges, trash pick up, crime victims compensation, crime stoppers, restitution (for thefts, fraud, investigation costs like lab fees), office clerk's, police equipment/salaries, judge's salaries, schools, teacher salaries, state funded programs (like department for the blind, department for the deaf), etc etc etc. But the main idea behind court costs is to put the cost of using the court on the backs of the people who are using the courts: the defendants.

No, police don't get commission out of anything. Money from traffic tickets go toward the city/state/municipality of the offense. The city/state/municipality decides what the money goes to.

City councils and such determine this in town meetings, budgets, etc.

And there aren't any quotas.

Not directly but they are needed to raise money for the city

NO! That would be extremely illegal just as quotas are. The money from the tickets goes to the City (if you were pulled over by city police) or State (if you were pulled over by highway patrol).


My brother is an officer... no they do not get commission, but they do have some form of quota system

Usually there's a free blender or mixer involved...depends on the station budget.

No, police have no commission. If the officer write 100 tickets a month with report they may be eligible for cop of the month, year...etc. The money go to the State, probably for developmental research for traffic lights, speed bumps, hotspots and safety for the Public, and the other percentage goes to operate the judiciary system.

El Scott
I wish I got a commission.

Most of it goes to the school system.

No quotas........and who says I hate giving out tickets? Its part of the job.

"They" will always tell you NO. But it is a source of income for the city that they depend on, so you be the judge.

No, they don't. But most don't know what it is they're really doing.

Most the time, they're not "upholding the law", what they're really doing is "upholding the Code". The "Vehicle Code" that is.

Did you know the "Code" is NOT "the law"?

When they stop you, they usually ask "Do you know why I stopped you?".

The correct answer is "Yes, you're attempting to create a revenue stream for the corporation you work for."

Have you ever heard of the "Police Commissioner"?

What does "commission" mean to you?

Some goes to the City, some stays to pay the cop shop.

All of it goes to perpetuate the scam.

They do not get commission but they need quotas filled, so there may be a round about way for them to get increases, if they filled their quotas. The money from a ticket goes to the city, and/or state for general money. When police say they are doing a charity, or fund raiser, it means they are giving out tickets. If cops hate giving out tickets, then why do they purposely set up speed traps and catch people going 10 mph over?

What if I told you I have proof that the Police Chief of a particular town is paid a percentage of the Tickets issued and the town has a Population of 185 and no utility company however has 3 police cars and a Judge on Staff with 3 officers and clerks.

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