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Do police officers really enjoy harassing black people?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do police officers really enjoy harassing black people?


Dan W
We enjoy harassing everyone equally
we are equal opportunity
No affirmative action with us

If you dress like a thug,then expect to get treated like a thug!!!!!!!! That's all that needs to be said!!!

Cops like to harass everyone not just blacks Its right up there with coffee and donuts on their list of favorite things

ღஐ Queen B ஐღ
What an ignorant question

I doubt that they "enjoy" it.

I just think that some of them have been taught improperly that blacks do illegal things and have poor upbringing more than other races. Some cops believe that stereotype unfortunately.

I hope that most don't.

hell yea thats why black people are so fast cuz all the slow ones are in jail same with mexicans

They like harrassing anyone of any race.

i really think that there are good officers and there are bad ones Colored and Caucasian alike
racism is sad and is on going in all parts of the world.
but i don't believe all officers should be categorized as racist

I am sure that some do but I hope that they are the minority of the police.

72% of people in prisons are minorities...This is due to poverty not race. The Police are looking for potential problems and suspects, in areas where crime is more prevalent. Poverty should be the enemy not a racial group or groups but cause and effect result in "profiling", not fair not even right but certainly understandable...

Dear Old Dad
If they happen to be drug-dealing, lawless, scumbags, that enjoy victimizing others in society, Yes!!

Same as if they were caucasians.

I think so..I think they get off by harassing black people.
Turns them on


only the racist ones

Depends if they are douchebags

Some do.

nope... only the one's committing crimes.

they certainly do in SW Michigan

No, but some black people seem to really enjoy harassing the cops

no it just happens a lot of crimes are commited by black people. black people are down trodden and end up in the surbubs and end up criminals yo in the need to survive

Iden x
Black people are always doing something destructive, rude and usally with lack of empathy

They don't enjoy it, they think it is their obligation, since they are brainwashed sheep.

No, police officers are gentle of personage dealing with the beastly materials of matter that those who desire to live in Peace are not equip to TOUCH! Indium, Hafnium, Yttrium, sodium, Rutherium, and if it isn't in their equipment then the 100's of thousand persons that rotate this planet comes across their paths and so do God's elements. Rubber gloves can't protect them from such horrors and yet the public is ALWAYS riding their backs, oh, by the way I'm black!

Sofi J
maybe i there racist

I know in Orange County, CA they do. When my boyfriend (who is Mexican) and I play basketball with his friends from Compton (when they come to OC) the cops will stop and watch us!! And I have had cops tell me I shouldn't be with my man because he is Mexican and I am white, and I was told this by both White and Mexican cops. But yeah...only the racist ones!

no only the ones that act like donkeys

No. How about stop pointing fingers and placing blame and try to find a solution to the injustice percieved.

I think Cops like flexing there muscles on everyone but even more on blacks.

I can see by some of the answers that we have some real racists here as well. American melting pot, my ***!

I like to harass everyone who's being naughty!

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