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Do they drug test you when you go to a dui class?
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Do they drug test you when you go to a dui class?

I have to go to the 72 hour dui class, and i was at a party last night where there was a ton of weed... do they do a drug test there?


Nope. DUI class instructors work for independent firms that are paid by the government, the instructors themselves are not government employees. Thus they are not associated with anything other than teaching the class and giving out certificates of completion. However, if you have to turn yourself in and walk through the metal gates, then you are fair game to be tested at anytime but even then they dont mess with you as long as you dont give them a reason to.

The instructor does not have the right or ability to administer a UI or any other drug screen, however you are under the order of court to preform this, which means you have a de facto probationary period, and an assigned officer to answer to until the action is complete (whether you know it or not) and that person could pop you. Pray your caseworker isn't there.
Advise:: STOP drinking and driving and stop smoking weed. Dumbass

Answer: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ar4PiO5gO_65ayRY4nO_1lJQxgt.;_ylv=3?qid=20090118102836AAQcJKh

They do not do it as standard procedure, but if they suspect you are high, they will. If you knew you were going to have to go to a DUI class, why did you get high? You got one DUI, or you would not be going to the class. Why risk another? LEARN YOUR LESSON.

Not normally a rule, but they could. Weed? Hmmmm how about just say "NO?"

Morgan R

Jacob S
no they never drug tested me

Depends on your class and the state in which you were arrested. Also-Cornerstone does not test. Its more of a joke and a waste of time than anything else.

no...just don't go there high and smellin like weed.

It's a DUI class, you usually watch some boring movie or something. I doubt they'll drug test you.

Sounds to me like you're partying too much. A DUI? Seriously? You could've killed someone.

Father Gregori
no i dont think so

*Tim L*
no they never(had) too (to) test me

Chris G

No, they kind of give you a break on honesty

yes they usually do

JANE! Pain infliction is game!
oh way to go!

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