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Do you believe that a cop would lie under oath in court in order to obtain a conviction?
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Do you believe that a cop would lie under oath in court in order to obtain a conviction?


Not just yes ,But hell yes they do every day .But its as much the fault of our judges as it is cops .Briscoe vs Lahue gives complete immunity for any liability to prosecutors and cops for lying in court ..Judges were to be impartial and make sure that one side had no more ,or less advantage than the other in court .Judges were to keep govt. inside a fence to protect people from tyranny and oppression .Justice is (an impartial judgment based on truth fact and reason ) .The fact that they don't tell juries that they have a right to judge the law as well as the fact . Plus the fact that they knowingly let police lie. Many times charging the defendant with perjury for disputing police statements .Obviously is not impartial or based on truth . I think 200 people on death row we were going to execute until DNA tests proved their innocence would clearly indicate this .

Most cops would not, but there are a large group that would. The public wants honest cops, and cops are sworn to a code of ethics (but then again so are lawyers).

I know that most juries will not take a cops word for something anymore....there must be witness testimony and/or solid evidence.

Yes some of them will. The bad ones will but a anest cop will not.

I've seen it happen before, just because a person is a cop doesn't mean they are going to obey the laws or anything like that. Some cops would do anything for a conviction, even if it isn't the right person, and others obey the rules and try their best to legally convict the correct person. It all depends on the person.

Jeff A
Sorry to say it happens everyday. Cops are people too with their own agendas and problems.

Some do it so often they can't tell the truth anymore.

absolutely, in fact it is very common practice, lie to get a conviction to get someone off the streets, it is quite the norm

Bob G
Yes. Probably not all cops, but enough for it to be an issue. There's even a term for it; "Testilying".

The way things are right now? Absolutely!!!!

georihg g
yes they would, being a cop doesn't make you any different from being a person. regardless if they are supposed to be "truthful" any normal person who dislikes someone for whatever reason will lie to get a person in trouble, unfortunatly, even if it's not the truth. a cop is the same way, i've seen it here out in new jersey many times

New Moon
yea..i think so


only a bad one

Unfortunately yes. But not all cops. Good ones don't have to, they do it right and the evidence speaks for itself.

yup i belive that!!

Gianna M

I know it for certain.

Will sheep eat grass. Do bears often live in the forest.

Some will.

Elizabeth M
I think most would not. True, there are bad apples in any part of life, but honestly, why would a cop lie just to get a conviction? Doesn't make sense to me. If it doesn't help them personally, financially, whatever, why would they?!! It's not a personal thing to them. It's a job.

We all know a criminal would lie to get out of a conviction though!

We are all humans, I am sure some of them might.

Damask Rose
100% yes!

johN p. aka-Hey you.
Yes. Did you ever hear about the scandal in the LAPD. Also in New York several years ago. In fact, there have been movies made of both of them. The LA one is called "Cellular", I think that's the full name. Kim Basinger is in it. The NY story is called Serpico, if I remember correctly.

Without question some would.

Is it possible? Of course. But you may want to ask yourself a question... What do they get out of it? By a police officer lying on the stand, he or she is risking felony purgery charges if caught. Why? So that someone can get a speeding ticket? So that some dirt bag drug dealer can get 30 days in jail? To answer your question: Yes, its possible for cops to lie under oath, but do you really think that the police officer on the stand is going to risk his or her freedom, let alone career, to put somebody in jail. I seriously doubt they care that much, and anyone who disagrees is probably just bitter because they have been caught speeding, smoking crack, or slapping their spouses around.

Absolutely police lie in order to get a conviction. I have seen it many times in many courts throughout the state of NJ.

i was wrongfully impounded by Washington State Patrol trooper Dustin Drout Badge# 433. Today 01/14/11 i had court to get impound fee back and he came out and lied Under Oath about my distance from DNR Gate which i hunt. i was at least 10 yards from gate out of way BUT he, the dirt bag that he is said i was less then 15ft from it. i heard about Pigs lying under oath BUT i finally experienced it personally.

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