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Do you think I've got a speeding ticket?
Find answers to your legal question.

Do you think I've got a speeding ticket?

I was coming out of my estate today, and I noticed there was a police car on the opposite side of the road, facing the way I was driving. I didn't notice it until I was right up to it. There was no flash. Can they give me a ticket from infront of my car? Help! I was doing over 40mph in a 30 zone.


Treat this as a warning. a 30mph limit is in force for a reason. If a little kid were to run out in front of your car, you would feel really bad about it - even if you were not at fault at all. By doing over the legal speed limit, you could be putting yourself up on a dangerous driving charge = a term of imprisonment.

Sorry to rant on, but motorists have to know that they are driving a dangerous vehicle.

if it was a police car and not a camera van then I would think you are in the clear, if they were checking speed they might have wanted a higher speed to prosecute or were setting up thecamera, chances are they were just taking a break or waiting for a specific car to come out of the estate.

Most times when there is a speed trap operated by officers in a car you will be stopped and dealt with there and then.

Without wanting to preach you know what to do so you dont get a ticket though !!!

Dj' s
Did you see if they had a speed gun?? If they did have then sorry yes you will "probably" be getting a ticket. My mate done exactly the same thing as you he only got 3 points though so don't worry this wont effect anything like insurance etc.. so long as you haven't got any other points.

Good luck! : )

they use a lazer gun thses days so it can check either direction. Our local paper always has the next weeks mobile speed camera positions so that you are more wary of those areas.

No. You're paranoid.

Do 30 and consider the consequences besides a ticket, seen the commercial with the child that gets run over?, i also am a driver and sometimes i don't look at how fast i am going, i do try to keep a sensible speed in built up areas.
Safe and happy motoring to all!

yes they can they dont need to flash you as you were right there speeding

just wait for the next 6 weeks then you will know

Stephen A
I think they might have stoped you then , you might have got away with it , but time will tell


You need help. If you weren't stopped you didn't get a ticket.

If they were facing the other direction, chances are, they will be aiming a speed gun in that direction to stop people speeding as they enter the estate as opposed to those leaving the estate. So, you most likely weren't caught but take this as gentle warning.

you know you love me
no. they would have had to get your number-plate details, so they would have had to have a camara. if they were that bothered then they would have pulled you over.


Jax Back
Looks like you're busted son

I think the probability is that you haven't. If the police officer was using a hand held device he would have pulled you over on the spot.

"There was no flash." What the heck does that mean?

Police can give you a ticket no matter where either of you were facing...why would that matter?

You admit to doing 40mph in a 30 zone "Guilty"

i guess so.

Mr Abba
You should be fine mate.

I hope you have, you selfish prat. Your speed can be checked from in front of your car and you will not see a flash.

hello i no most ask iv dun 40 in a 30 or 80 in 50 we all no if we do that we prob get dun but my thing is that i woz driveing on a carriageway what is 70 and i did 60 and passed a spec cam and then one more come up and i woz doing 70 as i can on this carriageway as its 70, but if i go pass at 60 then 70 dus that class that as i speedding can en one help me out thanks iv been driving for 6 years and not one ticket as im a carefull driver but

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