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Do you think prisoners have too many rights?
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Do you think prisoners have too many rights?

should we go back to medievil ways with prisoners or is "re-habilitation" working?
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some very good answers that i am struggling to pick one i like the best


Some prisons are no more than dowdy hotels, they have TV's, DVD players, In room showers, its disgraceful. Some of these inmates have committed horrendous crimes against children and elderley people yet live the lap of luxury at the expense of the tax payer.
I say hang em if they have killed somone and if its not murder they should be made to live in much harsher conditions..no wonder there is no detterent against crime!

I believe most prisoners do have too many rights....where are the rights for the victoms? I believe eye for an eye....Why should a child rapist ever be released??The people who say they just made a mistake, fine...leave your children alone with em if your so sure...

They have it too cushy you mean, its like Butlins. Shackled to a wall with bread and water is what i'd like to see!!!!

Definitely. They live better than I do! Don't have to worry about bills and rent etc... Got TV and hot meals I might take a holiday there!

Far too many. What about the rights of thier victims whether it be theft, drug dealing or murder they have violated someones rights to end up in Jail and should have them removed

In short its a bloody joke!!! They get four square meals a day, warm bed to sleep in at night and access to a good education. What do good honest people living below the breadline get..... Not that much. It makes me sick. AND who said crime doesn't pay????

Rehabilitation works in some cases but its too big a subject to generalise on here. In the cases of peadophiles and murderers who kill in cold blood - no amount of rehab will help them.

Alan B
Prison should be the last place anyone would want to go. Too many criminals see it as an easy time! Make it hard, uncomfortable, lonely, basic food, No TV or radio, No games etc. Rehabilitate/educate if possible, but no other "rights". Pay for the crime and pray you never go back there!

They seriously have too many rights. I mean they may be banged up but they can have there own radio, television. UOI can have PlayStation's to rent for good behaviour. I mean they committed a crime and should be punished as if they re-offend they don't mind going back in.

Bring back the 70s borstals or boot camp were they really do get punished for crimes

The Exorcist
In a word YES they do havetoo many rights especially
rapists, peadophiles and other vile criminals like this....

Why should they have a comfy cell with a tv ?
Why should they be given any sort of luxury?

Ive worked with youth offenders and a lot of the time they want to go straight but theres allways an element who see prison as a cushy alternative to real life.
Recently a young lad who was joy riding killed a little kid who was playing on his bike in a public park, when he was sentenced he said that he was pleased to be going back inside as it was MINT in jail, thats because he can still have his colour tv and x box to play with and music to listen too, take them away it wouldnt be MINT.

Whilst the little boys mam suffers her own prison sentence for life because she has lost her son.

It's not a issue of prisoners having rights and it's not a matter of torture vs rehabilitation.

Prisons don't work because - and most won't like this - prison sentences are too long. Long sentences mean that prisoners get acclimatised to the situation. There level of suffering needed to prevent prisoners getting comfortable in jail would be totally barbaric. The solution is to not let the prisoner get comfortable. A one week prison sentence can be as effective a deterrent to a first time criminal as a six months sentence. The aim should be to ensure that the prisoner is uncomfortable not in terms of punishment but in terms of uncertainty, responsibility piled back on them and isolation from other criminals. I would have a prison system for first time offenders separated from repeat offenders and not mix prisoners together in groups bigger than four. The key to long term would be responsibility, make it clear if they don't work then they don't get fed and possibly make them buy their own food. I would also try and get drugs out of prison - as currently it's no secret that it's easier for many prisoners to get drugs inside prison than outside.

uncle billy
yes I do, I think once convicted of a felony a person should become a ward of the state & have NO rights until they have completed their sentence.

Yes when they can have better cable and free education. Thanks to taxpayers.

Yes, I believe prisoners and criminals have more rights than their victims. The unkindest cut of all is that, when they get shot, or maimed in the commision of a crime, they can, and have, won judgments in CIVIL court against the people who are defending themselves.

One of the problems with old fashioned prisons was that although petty criminals would not re-offend those criminals who have served 10 or 15 year sentences without luxuries like conversation, newspapers or sunlight would generally end up so maladjusted that they would not cope with life outside and commit a crime with the intention to go back to prison having been unable to cope with society.
In medieval times generally prisoners were killed by the squalid conditions long before their case got to trial, many hundreds of innocents died for crimes they would have been proved innocent of if they had survived prison long enough to make it to court. Although you may consider that system meritorious I most certainly do not.

I wouldn't say go back to medieval times, but yes prisoners today are given to many rights. How is playing computer games and watching TV "rehabilitation"? It's all just to soft, God forbid anyone should breach there human rights! Prison is like a holiday camp nowadays, hence crime levels are steadily rising and there is a lack of prison space. Plus the fact that the government is more interested in jailing tax evaders than paedophiles does not bowd well for the British justice system.

I certainly don't think rehabilitation has worked at all. But I wouldn't say people are just "living it up"in prison. Basically, yeah they may have more rights then some of them deserve, but prison is stilla $hitty place to be.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
If they have the right to sue, then yes, they have too many rights.

Yes they do have to many rights. a lot off them go back as its home to them

90% ARE BACK IN PRISION(recidivism RATE) WITHIN 3 YEARS. There's really higher number than that but many aren't caught or die before being readmitted. and many cop a plea to lower charges to stay out.
but 90% is proof enough that priosn and jails are no deterrent.

High paid social worker say:
It would help people transition to life outside of prison and provide strategic help in five key areas: employment, housing, mental health, substance abuse and support for families.

Hey give most Americans $50,000 they too would be happy.
way above average income. Get real! Society.


Prisoners rights I don't worry about--
It keeping them locked up until they meet educational needs and psyco needs.
And some don't ever do do.

don't want this lock'em up thro away the key.
Just want Judges and The Leg to get tough on first and second time offender.

Dont pamper these hoods.

dave p
yes far to many, as the t.shirt says, rehab tells me its every one elses fault

The people who think that prison shouldn't be toughened up are normally the same people who think the police are too hard on the poor "misaligned" youth who have nothing to do.
In reality these people have never suffered the indignity of having excrement thrown at their windows, have never been burgled by yet another drugged up loser and have never seen their wife gunned down by someone who was let out on a tag for "good behaviour".
The current system of letting people serve half their sentence, giving them a cushy jail cell and often more rights than their victims is NOT working. I say we let the do-gooders experience first hand by moving them all to a sink-estate, then we build some more prisons, take away the TVs and magazines and scrap the half sentence rule.

Clyde Banks
When someone gets put in prison the punishment is loss of freedom. Believe me, prison is not Butlins. I've been in both so I know what I'm talking about.

big g
Their rights go straight out of the window as soon as they commit that crime/s.

They should be kept in stone cells with the minimum facilities ( toilet and sink). Non of this **** of tv's, pool tables,computers. They are in there having fun whilst the victims of their crimes are suffering.

Alot of people commit crime because their standard of living outside prisons are worse. They know that when they go to prison they will get hot food hot water and warmth.

Its all wrong. Thats why some many people commit crime, to get a better standard of living for a while

Lisa W
depends what they havr done, in some cases yes. however if its something little then no, rapists, murderes and other serious crimes should be locked in a cell with bread and water for life. for others, come the end of the day they are doing the time and paying for the crime.

They do have basis human rights. Also the idea of prisons is not really so much about to punish them, it is more about to correct them - to the correct kind of person for the society.

damond h
This is a double edged sword. Should we be harder on our inmates? Without a doubt, however, it could come at a higher cost. You take a human, cage him like an animal, he will begin to act as an animal. Give him a place to play and a tv to watch, it seems to make things easier in the long run for the people watching him. With that said, it creates a safe environment for this person, who really has no worries except " don't drop the soap" So, they are unable to reacquaint themselves with real society. Where they have to be responsible, so they create situations where they can go back. Myself, if I were in charge of a state, you can damn sure bet there wouldn't be any of those signs on the roads saying this part of the highway is being taken care of by (insert civic organization here). It would be this part of the road is taken care of by the felons of
(insert county here).... Have them out there in there "dress stripes" Then again that would be cruel and inhumane treatment as deemed by the ACLU.

specs appeal
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Once a criminal always a criminal


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