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Does Kevlar really protect you from a bullet or does it just minimize impact?
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Does Kevlar really protect you from a bullet or does it just minimize impact?

A voice of authority please. Im looking for one that will just make painballs hurt less. I know the pain isnt that bad, but when they hit me in the chest it really hurts.


Postal Dude
Kevlar will stop a bullet but for paintballs, they sell special vests for it that actually breath better and are lighter. go to amazon.com

minimizes inpact. it will still leave a bruise but that beats the hell outta being shot

Kevllar is designed to stop a bullet. They don't work on every bulett or every condition, but it is better than nothing. If you get shot with the vest on, it leaves a very painful bruise and makes you feel like you wish you were dead.

As far as paintballs, find something else to use. The vest is for stopping bulletts, not padding. You could use 100 other things better than a kevlar vest.

Kevlar is amazing it's true.
What it will stop depends on:

How many layers
If a "ceramic or Steel" trauma plate is also Incorporated
And of course the diameter of the round and it's velocity

For paintball use a vest that is sold by most all the major makers
of paintball safety equipment,affordable & effective.
"Always use eye protection"

---------------------------Have Fun !-------------------------------

Kevlar is not bulletproof at all. Bullets will go right threw it. Kevlar is made to stop fragments from an explosive (why the military wears kevlar). if you wear kevlar paintballing though, you won't feel a thing.

go to a local army/navy type of store and buy and old used bulletproof vest,it is alot more affordable then kevlar and will work to decrease the pain of impact

i am united states marine and i know from getting shoot that a Kevlar ( helmet T will stop a 762 round if and i say if it hits the Kevlar at an angel if it hits at a 90 degree angle it Will penetrate

Kevlar is to minimize impact of other things... such as gear falling atop you.

Kevlar.. to my knowledge may or may not even protect you from a 9mm round.

The M-16, 5.56mm round easily penetrates the kevlar.. So, with as much of the weaponry around these days that are more advanced than 5.56, you can only imagine, that a kevlar does nothing but possibly protect your head from an explosion of rock crumbling down on your head.

I've even see a rock crack a kevlar...

Paintballs...personally, I'd try to find something to wear with less weight. Kevlars were really annoying to me over in Iraq.. Especially if I was running, or patroling.. or doing some type of squad movement.

Good Luck to ya..

-- Rob :)~

Kevlar limits penetration by "grabbing" at the bullet with thousands of fibers. it wouldn't help you one bit in paintball. well, more to the point, it wouldn't help you any more than the same thickness of standard clothing would, because you'd be using it for its cushioning effect.

Wear layers of bulky clothes instead.

Kevlar is not bulletproof.

You dont need kevlar for a paintball game. I would suggest going to a dirt bike shop and buying a plastic chest protector.

What Kevlar is really for is to stop penetration, it doenst affect impact all that much. And since paintballs dont penetrate, it wont help you much. There are better and less expensive alternatives.

Kevlar keeps the bullet from penetrating into your body, but Sir Isaac Newton requires that you still have to absorb the impact energy. Kevlar vests are quite pricey, and very over-powered for paintball.

Go to ebay and do a search on: paintball chest

to see some body armor especially designed for paintballers. You can probably also find some at your local sporting goods store.

Blunt Honesty
Kevlar will certainly make paint balls hurt less, but kevlar is not cheap.

there are bullets out there that can penetrate body armour. kevlar doesn't work for everything unfortunately. as for paintball, like was said before, get a chest protector

Brian M
It depends on the kind of bullet. A guy I know who is in the US Army said they stop bullets from their standard guns which are M-16's

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