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Does a caution mean you have a criminal record?
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Does a caution mean you have a criminal record?

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Im female and Ive had a caution Im a carer and need a CRB check so I dunno if I can get this job.


You would be required to have an enhanced CRB check and the caution would probably show up on this. Whether or not it would affect your chances would depend on what the nature of the offence was. Bear in mind that you admitted the offence to the police. Your employers have a discretion in the matter and it may not be of any concern for the work you hope to do. http://www.workingwithkids.co.uk/CRB-checks.html

For other purposes, when asked if you have any criminal convictions, the answer is no.

Oh i wish people would answer this correctly.

I am afraid a caution is not a criminal conviction but does result in a criminal record, A police caution is an alternative to prosecution available to be administered by the police in England and Wales to less serious offenders. It means you admit guilty to the offence then and there at the police station, its used so you dont have to go to court and get fined or community service etc if found guilty..its a official slap on the wrist however it is a admission of guilt on you part and is recorded.

However i believe that it does not show up on a standard CRB check but only on a enhanced check which most employers dont want to pay for the expense of.

If you are worried or concerned about what may be, or has been, revealed by your CRB check you can talk in confidence to the Nacro helpline. Nacro is a crime reduction charity that works with ex-offenders and is able to answer specific queries on good practice in relation to employment and offenders. (T: 0800 0181 259)

Also check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_caution there is alot of info on it here.

Generally if your going to work in care or with children they will do a full check..so if its a minor offence just admit it in interview..

Daniel O
The law is not clear on whether a caution counts as a criminal record. If you want to be safe, you should declare it when asked. Cautions never become spent, so technically you have to declare them forever if asked about cautions, but it is generally reckoned you are fine after 5 years.

If you are working with children or vulnerable adults, all cautions will show up on the CRB check. Whether that will stop you working with children or vulnerable adults will depend on what you did and when. If you beat up an old man last week, I think you won't be allowed to work with vulnerable adults. If on the other hand it was shoplifting ten years ago, you should be fine.

Recent offences of violence or public order offences are pretty much an automatic no. Drugs are also bad. Dishonesty is very bad, possibly worse than violence. Theft is never good. Shoplifting is the least serious, especially if you were young. Next is common theft, then theft from an employer or similar and robbery.

What did you do?

In any case declare it up front.

No.it's just a caution, in other words do it again and your in trouble. just like you'd say to a child if you do that again the there'll be trouble.

A caution is not recorded as a conviction as you have not been convicted for an offence. Only appearance at court and conviction after a guilty plea or after trial can be recorded as a conviction. Relax.

No,stop worrying

No, It doesnt. But I have read, through people that who ever the employer taking up such reference has found cautions on CRB checks and have been asked to provide further information, depending on the offence and has not nessarily been removed from the recruitment process, I have not got a cautions or any criminal charges. having good integrity will go along way..I personally say declare them if it was me.

Olly B
mafiabos is correct, except for the bit about the difference between standard and enhanced CRB disclosures.

The type of CRB disclosure you will be required to do is defined by the role you will be undertaking, and the level of access to children/vulnerable adults. In your role it is most likely you will be required to complete an enhanced CRB.

Enhanced CRBs will show all information the police hold on you, including any cautions. However the fact you have a caution does not preclude you from being employed in this role. The organisation is only allowed to terminate your employment if they feel that your previous criminal history puts those you work with at an unacceptable level of risk. So it depends on what you were cautioned about (and given it was just a caution I'm assuming the offence wasn't particularly serious).

Remember that 1 in 6 adults has a criminal record; so your employer is not looking for a "clean" CRB disclosure, but that they are satisfied you do not pose a risk. Be open with them about your caution and unless it was something directly related to your employment it shouldn't be an issue.

Robin B
No, a caution is just what it says and it means generally that is it happens again, you could be Charged

It is not a criminal record, so don't declare it.

It should not show up on a CRB check.

You can always check yourself online to make certain, but I would not bother about it.

nah a caution is not a criminal reccord, you should be ok. :)

need some advise here please!!!! the police arrested me twice.i and my wife had some misunderstand about a year ago,she called the police and i was taken to the police station.i had my finger print taken and interview.4 hours later i was told to go home.before leaving the police station i was told that i wasn't cautioned or charged and it will not affect my crb but will be kept in there system.the first time i got arrested my wife gave the police statment,she said she has never seen my very upset in her entire life and became scared.the second time there was no statment as she wasn't the person that called the ploice.i'm really worried now i just applied for an enhanced crb and its taking forever and dont know if anything will appear on it.

my 17 year old daughter has just been arrested for canabis posession, they are going to give her a caution, she is due to go to university this year, will this be affected and will she be abe to work in USA like she wanted to? please help, is this caution going to affect the rest of her life?

Hi my daughter was recently assaulted By her ex boyfriend and she made a Complaint to the police who is prosecuting him for the assult, however he now Made a complaint to the police that she grabbed him a week before in a pub, she has admitted to this saying he was provoking her and all she done was grab his upper Arms. This was quickly broken up by their friends. I'm am worried this will now go further, and as she is studying in UNi for a teaching degree, how will this affect her future career

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