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Does a probation officer have the right to talk about my relationship with my boyfriend?
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Does a probation officer have the right to talk about my relationship with my boyfriend?

Everytime I go to my meeting he tells me how stupid I am for living with my boyfriend of 5 years. How Im going no place in like with him...how he is never going to want to marry a criminal like me! He just goes on and on in a way that makes me feel uncomftorable. My boyfriend has nothing to do with why i am on probation, so does my PO have the right to say things like that all the time?
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I am afraid reporting it will get me in more trouble somehow...that the PO will say it's not true


Like above answers, I would report him. Not in a nasty way, but tell them how uncomfortable it makes you. And they do not have any business being up in your private life. It's different if you are on parole. Or if he is, but otherwise, he's just being nosy and really infringing on your privacy. You can report him anonymously.

A Probation Officer has no right to ask questions that are not linked to the case. It is an abuse of authority and must be reported to his superior.

No. That is an invasion of your personal life. I would complain to the proper authorities about this behaviour and request a different p.o. preferably a woman given your situation

he had a first amendment right to talk about whatever he wants. Part of probation is recovery and getting you life back strait. he obviously feels your boyfriend is a problem. How many times do you need to be reminded of your crime?


Rick C
Can you bring your boyfriend to the next meeting?

YOUR probation officer can talk to YOU about pretty much anything. Your life is not your own when your on probation. However....this hardly seems like an overly bright approach on his part. Anyhow......it's really not worth worrying about....just get through the probation even if you have to grit your teeth and hold your tongue. It is the only way. Be the bigger person.

This has nothing to do with the case, and he is not doing his job right. Report him to the courts.

yes he is fairly well free to talk to you as it likes, some are better and some are worst

One Big Daddy
Its just an opinion, talk to his supervisor

he wants to bump you or your boy friend one

Yes, he does. But that part about him not wanting to marry you because you are a criminal is really cruel. He's a bully and he's using the system to do it. I think you have a right to talk with his supervisor about it. I think he's just abusive and some men in those positions tend to mistreat women. You did your time and apparently keeping the rules of your parole.

Keep your mouth shut and do your time. So your "uncomfortable" so what. Remember don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

He doesn't, so tell him to f**k off, you can't get in trouble, tell him you are gong to report him to , Internal affairs. Your in the right , never fear. peace out.

Yup! YOur probation officer is concerned about you going back to jail, so even if hi/she is waaaay off base and talking about something that has nothing to do with you, that just might be the way he sees it and you get to listen to his opinion.

Yes I am afraid he does have the right to ask about your boyfriend because you live with him. Now if you didnt live with him it would be different. The probation officer has the right to know who is living with you, their record if any, where they work etc. because you are affected by this person. The PO's job is to make sure you do what you need to do so if he is making it hard for you to do what your PO wants then he is detrimental to you.

You should be worried less about your rights and worried more about becoming a productive citizen to society rather than one of society's liabilities. We're tired of carrying your weight around.

my boy friend and i live together for the last 4 years while hes on probation i asked him to live with me cause im not capable of looking after my self he was my care giver

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