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Does my parole officer have the right to come into my house unannounced??
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Does my parole officer have the right to come into my house unannounced??

he's making life hard on me. wanting to know why i haven't found a job yet, throwing out my beer and having the nerve to tell me i need to clean up my place and get rid of my trash! now what is he....the health inspector??? can i sue him for tresspass and pain and suffering??? next he's going to want to see my yahoo answers page!!!
Additional Details
i can't find my release papers...


Mr Placid
Remember that piece of paper you signed, with the words "Conditions of Parole" on the top? I am sure it contains a clause that states that you are subject to search at anytime, anywhere, by any peace officer, whether probable cause exists or not.

Live with it. If you don't like it, you have an alternative. Return to prison and finish your sentence.

Your under the States Custudy and if you had beer you are lucky not to be back in jail.

I honestly don't think you are serious. Because if you are, you will probably be back in prison soon. But I will answer this as if you are serious. Heck, feel like earning my 2 points.

He does have the right, it is a condition of parole, if you violate any conditions you could be put back in prison for the duration of your sentence.

art v
Looks like you want to go back to prison. Keep it up and you will be there soon. You don't get it do you?

I don't know what state you are in. In CA it is not uncommon that paroles can't possess alcohol. So maybe you should shut your trap and be thankful that you haven't been violated yet.

michael t
yes he does ..... you signed your rights away when you accepted parole..... parole is legally a continuation of your sentence outside of lockup

Hehehe... throw your beer my way, I'll save it for you, LOL!

Charlie Fingers
Yes and you know it too. You signed away your rights to privacy when you agreed to probation and they made sure you knew.

Next question

.. .this can't be good
Sadly, your parole is a privelege and yes, he can do all these things. The best course you can take is to cooperate and not provoke him further. Once he sees you are trying, he will see that you are clean and tire of bothering you.

Dont mess around anymore or you will be in the clink !!!!!
Please try and sort your life out now because its never to late to turn things around. Good luck.

Maybe he will cut you some slack if you offer to take a special "breathalyzer test".

My probation officer didn't come to my house, or my job, or check up on me at all. I was almost disappointed. One day she sent me a letter telling me not to come back and check in with her anymore. I don't get these POs.

I am so glad I am not on probation anymore and not under someone's watch....

Yes he can. He is your shadow until you are off parole. His job is to try to make you into a decent, productive member of society so you don't re-offend.

Why not try taking his advice?

You bet he can.!! Lose the beer and get a job.When you are on parole your options are very limited,stay out of trouble and you don't have to ever worry about it.

half way there
tell the po he is no longer aloud there and needs a half way house or shelter

I Know Someone Who Has Not Reported To There Parole Officer In Five Years What Can Happen To Tham

My son has a parol officer who is a real B and wants everyone to treat her with respect , she told my son if we had any or gave her problems he has 5 days to move out. she told us she could tell us what we can and cannot do . If she wants to come to MY HOUSE i'm fine with it anytime we just ask for some respect from her .who can we complain to about her. I just dont want her to take it out on my son

I am going thru something similiar. I need help and I need it fast. I have a son paroled to my home without my consent. My son is 25 when it 1st happened i told the agents I did'nt want this to take place at my home, he insisted that my son had to stay here. The parole agent said as long as my son is on parole it will be like i'm on parole. The agent calls my cell phone all hours of the night. The agent has came to my home with the police and arrested my son, after my son was taken away from my home the police raided my home, they did not find anything, nor do I know what they were looking for. My son was released 10 days later after he went to board. This is one of many things that have happened in the passed year 1 1/2. Can someone tell me what I can do to become untied to this agency?

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