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Does the police keep your finger prints & dna if your found not guilty?
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Does the police keep your finger prints & dna if your found not guilty?

if your found not guilty of a crime and have no previous criminal record does the police dispose of your photo,dna & finger prints automatically ,or can you get them disposed of by some other means


In England and Wales yes but not in Scotland yet

Yes, they will be kept indefinitely. And within a decade everyones fingerprints and DNA will be on a national database. So don't worry about it too much.

YES... you are now a part of the system and Big Brother IS watching YOU.

They never get rid of fingerprints and DNA... part of the database the Government is collecting on all Americans.

Yes, once you are finger printed it goes into a national data base. I guess your criminal days are over, right??

They usually keep your prints in a national data base. This way they can cross reference other crimes with them. The DNA is kept for some years,then disposed of. Don't worry if you don't do anything wrong you will not be arrested again anyway.

I believe that in Canada, every police service has its own policy. Here in my city they are retained unless you specifically demand that they be destroyed.

A True Gentleman
Yes, they keep them regardless of innocence or guilt. We are a Police State now my friend and the British Governments ultimate aim is for the whole nation to have them taken and if you refuse you will be fined steadily until you are made bankrupt. This will stop the majority of those pesky and troublesome Libertarian types who desire to live in a free and just country.

thw law changed and now they can keep them

Erik A
Yes, it's so they can look back and check if you've done anything in your past.

At the time your fingerprints and DNA were taken they were entered into a national database (if you are in the US). You can not have them disposed of.

I believe they all go onto a general database & are not removed if you are found not guilty.
I may be wrong.

yeah, they are starting to. also if you go to jail they are starting to take DNA samples to stick in the database

I believe you are forever on record, guilty or not. Once you're in the system, your there for good. Don't you ever watch Law and Order?

kathy w
In the UK if you are arrested for an offence your DNA and fingerprints will be taken even if you are later released without charge. Those details will also be retained on file.

Captain Sarcasm
No, the are kept.

yes they are put into a database file

They keep them.

Yes they do, in fact all dna collected by the police is going onto a database.

The identity card will also have links to it.

Wren M
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I just want to know what the meaning of the question is? what m I suppose to write? thanks in advance for any help!!!

In the UK yes, They keep them to eliminate people from serious crime - like murder, rape etc. Police Officers serving and retired will still have their DNA/fingerprints held on file to eliminate them also. In some cases Police Officers will have there DNA checked FIRST in connection with serious cases before members of public even having intelligence to known individuals for that offence.

Blue Steel & Lace
Your attorney can make a motion to have them returned, but they are generally kept by the investigating department.

In most parts of the US NO. Your fingerprints are always part of the FBI system and DNA maybe. The arrest is there on your record unless you ask to have it expunged.

if you were found not guilty and it was not a plea bargin, then NO they will be distroyed along with the file on you. happydays again

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