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Driving without a license in Texas?
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Driving without a license in Texas?

I am about 100% sure I'm right on this, but isn't it the law that if you are pulled over while having no licence (or suspended) the officer is to arrest the driver and impound the car regardless of the owner? (i.e borrowed, not stolen) (excluding discretion of course)


You CAN be arrested for driving without a license. The term used is "instanter", as you are required to post bond before being released. You can be cited and released as well. As far as towing the vehicle, this answer relies on department policy.

Driving with a suspended license in Texas is a Class C misdemeanor Iticket) except when a person has been previously convicted of DWLI (Driving While License Invalid), the suspension is related to an offense involving alcohol, or if the person does not have proof of insurance. In these cases, the offense is a Class B misdemeanor and the person will be arrested.

Yes, but also you can just be cited for the crime if the cop is feeling nice and have someone else drive your car.

taking the asvab 4th week N june
No its not against the law.
You drove with out your L's is a serious traffic offense in the state of TX.
Authority's could relate believes of you linking to other none L's drivers who could be illegals.

Im a ex TX state police for 3 year's.

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