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HELP! Probation in one state, new charges in another?
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HELP! Probation in one state, new charges in another?

Person was just arrested about 4 hours ago. Is on probation in Mississippi and was arrested in Alabama. Does anyone know what usually happens in a case where someone is on probation in one state and receives new charges in another? Do they usually get bond or transferred back to the state where the probation is? Please anyone, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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probation is nonadjudicated


From the above, he is going to sit in an Alabama jail on a "no bond" detainer until the legal issue he was arrested for is dealt with. To clarify, he will be given an arraignment for the current charge, and he will more than likely be given a bond amount, but he will have a "no bond" order stemming from the probation violation, so even if he pays the first bond notice, he isn't going anywhere.

Once the Alabama case is disposed of, he will then be extradited back to Mississippi. If he left the state without the written permission of his probation officer, he may be looking at a new charge of Fugitive from Justice, which is the standard charge when a person under supervision crosses a state line in violation of the probation order. That charge carries a 5 year sentence.

If he is lucky, he will not receive a new charge and just have his probation revoked, go through a revocation hearing and serve his original sentence.

I hope this helps and you can find it useful

Weekend Repairman
More than likely if the charges are serious enough, he will remain in Alabama jail until the charges are followed through.

In addition, Mississipi will more than likely put a probation detainer on him, so when he returns, he'll be sitting in their jail.

while on probation you're not supposed to cross state lines, this person is going to prison in mississippi

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