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Help I got a subpoena and don't want to testify?
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Help I got a subpoena and don't want to testify?

I got a subpoena and don't want to testify. Three gang members jumped me and I'm afraid for my life if testify against them. The cops can't protet me.What can I do? thanks


An attorney can attempt to quash the subpoena.

No one knows what you do or don't remember.

But remember this:

It's the fact that people won't testify that lets them keep getting away with their behavior.

mr dance moves
wow, they probably want to get these guys for something thats bigger than them jumping you. you just gave them a reason to try to get these guys off the street. i cant say i wouldnt be afraid. but you can always plead the 5th. i would say just tell them what you say and what happened. im willing to bet these arent any real gangster you are talking about. hopefully they are a couple of wannabees and you get them off the street so the cops can focus on the real criminals. as far as going to court, sorry you have to go. or you will have a warrant for you arrest.

Yes, you do want to testify. And yes the police will protect you. Go to the police and tell them the TRUTH. They will help you. They want to see these bad people put away, just as you do.

You have to testify if they subpoenaed you. If they are put away then you are more safe than if they are on the streets. I suggest you move if possible. Tell the police and prosecutor that you are in fear of your life.

They would get away with the crime if you don't testify. I dislike gangs, and for that reason alone, you need to be brave and testify against them. If they did this to you, whom will be their next victim?

Enter into the witness protection program.

Humble E.
Do it, express whatever you need to say.

Testify. I can understand the fear, and issues you have with it. Press the police to protect you on it. We have a real issue in Toronto with gang scum walking free because people refuse to testify, and the thugs breaking them too. It happens a lot as well, and when it does the lake feeders walk free.

What happens later? A bolder crime, and someone getting killed. Crime escalates.

Well slydogg, don't be afraid just do what's right. These guys may or may not want to come after you anyways. If you don't testify, they'll know they intimidated you which will empower them even more. The best you could do is testify to the truth and nothing but the truth. Let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing to do. Nothing changes if you don't, that's for sure. This is your chance to stand-up for yourself.

Kathryn L
tough cookie. you are required to testify. you can express your fear for retaliation and possibly testify in private or in disguise so they dont recognize you???? theres always the witness protection program.

im sorry to be so blunt because i know this is a very serious situation. you do have a right to be kept safe though

adrian m
do what you can live with.

Steven J
Talk to the prosecutor and tell them of your situation. That you will be forced to take a kind of 5th amendment, or get a memory loss.

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