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How Can I tell if Someone's an Undercover Cop?
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How Can I tell if Someone's an Undercover Cop?

I'm not a gang member, a drug dealer, or a radical subversive, but it seems like this country is going "Cop Crazy". That said, how do I know when I'm talking to The Heat?


If they're any good at their job.....you can't.

if u talking about under police cars, its big american cars with big antennas and a big support police department on the back bumper, tented windows, little lights by the windshield. its usually a big *** ford, but a person its probably that badge hanging from his belt or the way he ask questions!!

Ask to see his badge....if he's undercover (detective on duty) he will not show it to you!

what works for me is to act like youre also a cop.....which can turn out bad if you do it wrong. say somthin like "sir, im going to have to see your ID...". then if they show it to you and they are a cop than laugh and say youre just kidding.....but still-do it safely because it can get you in a lot of trouble

You won't,

as a supervisor I have had undercover cops look at 18 year old kids working on a loading dock of a warehouse, i have had a 50 year old pot bellied man working at office, they took young looking correctional officers and used them for undercover drug people living in the projects.

If you can tell who they are, then most likely that is not them.


If you or anyone else can tell if he's an Undercover Cop, he's not doing a very good job.

ur a 10, pregnant & near level 2
Those who work undercover normally dress like the people they are dealing with, talk like them, walk like them, and look like them. A little paranoid, aren't we? :D

an undercover cop would try be too much knowledge about the street and sometimes clean shaven or talks too street. just have a gut feeling


If i am doing my job right, then you shouldn't be able to tell. but if i were you, i wouldn't worry about it. just abide by the law, and i won't bust you

You can always tell someone is an undercover cop when you suddenly find yourself in the police station being charged with ( Fill in the Blank) and all your buddies except for............Hey!!!! Where did the New Guy Go ???!!!!

Star of Fla
Sorry to say THEY DO NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. They can and do LIE its their job DUH They are even allowed to use false ID basically they do what it takes.

how to know-suspicious behavior?

mom of many
if you have nothing to hide, y does it matter, they are just people

Generally abide by the law and you won't have to worry.

Ask them where they went to high school, then compare the results with records from your local police academies. Or follow up with MYSPACE and talk to friends of the person see if they drop any hingts on whether their frind was interested in being a cop or actually became one. Just remember exposing an under cover cop is a crime, even if that racket breaker is a sleazy no good bottom feeder.

They wear a tshirt that says "undercover cop".

woman of 2
If they are undercover they do NOT have to tell you. It would blow their cover. And if they are good at what they do, you won't be able to tell.

Ask em, they have to tell you.

Vince M
An undercover cop will have a labe sewn into the back of his underwear. Depending on the city, the label will either show a star or a shield.

If you are in a radical organization, it is quite easy, depending on the cops' strategy. If there are teenagers in the organization, and it is an organization that they want to destroy, look for the people promoting bombing, shooting, al Qaeda (the fact that the US gov't is a de facto AQ affiliate aside), while if it is an organization that they want to disrupt with arrests, look for macho shitheads who want to screw anything that moves, but is willing to arrange cars, banners, etc. Remember, 30% of cops are dopers, and coke fiend cops will typically have their heads shaven and wear sunglasses (and be awfully arrogant - coke dilates the pupils, and leaves a residue in the hair, but otherwise leaves the system in 24 hours) - those symptoms also work for cops in uniform.

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