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How can i pass a ua for meth, if i used last night?
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How can i pass a ua for meth, if i used last night?


You can't

You can't, you're pretty much screwed. Why use meth to begin with dude? Especially when you have UA's. You obviously weren't burdened with an overabundance of brains.

Toast, you are.

by not using the battery acid infested chemical that deteriorates your brain to a pea so as you can't think what to do in bad situations. Like this for example, and what of your heart ?

Easy. Just go in and say, "Don't even bother with the piss test. I'm a drug addict. Please help me."
The results may surprise you...

Miss Guided
Probably not. You may want to make sure that you're skin isn't peeling off and stop pulling your teeth out one by one....Most of all, I'd be more concerned about blowing up your trailer....lay off that stuff, it eats more holes in your brain...more than you were probably born with.

imkevlar (boycott ignorance)
you're screwed. May as well go in high since you won't be going home.

"I doubt that all of the people here giving you stupid answers have "never" used any drugs."

Quite right, but then some of us actually have the more important experience of analyzing samples for DoA (drugs of abuse).

Didn't Forrest Gump say that Mama says "Stupid is as stupid does?" Newsflash, using Meth is a really stupid thing to do!

John R
arrested: hopefully most of the people who provided the "stupid answers" did not used drugs. Having worked on a ambulance for years there is no question in my mind who the stupid ones are and it is not the people who give some good answers that you consider stupid. maybe you haven't heard about the new one called "cheese meth" and what it does. so far in the few towns in TX where it has been used its already killed 24 HS students. As for the asked of the question if you were dump enough to use the night before just pay the price, you deserve it.

Your kidding right? i hope you are...
If not, than lets just say better luck next time..

You can try several different ways, but the best method is to wait 72 hours before being tested for meth. If you can't wait that long, you can try the overflow your kidneys method. Drink so much water that it will by pass your kidneys and will test negative. However there is a pH test that is done as well which can detect the overflow method. You can also try mising your urine with 1 part toilet water and 2 parts urine. that should dilute the meth and could possibly test negative. Another method is to burn toast and scrape the black stuff off. Eat it. That is carbon and nulifies meth in your system possibly. There is no sure fire way to pass a test if you don't wait the 72 hours.

by going to rehab. or NA

you obviously need help.
you just need to admit it.
good luck finding a facility

Drink tons of water or (I have heard) orange juice. You can dilute the results....I doubt that all of the people here giving you stupid answers have "never" used any drugs.


You've got to be kidding me.
Stop using and stop failing to use your brain while your at it and instead do something actually good for your health. You might actually get better, if you actually do that.

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