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How can you find out if someone is working undercover as a narcotics officer.?
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How can you find out if someone is working undercover as a narcotics officer.?

My boyfriend says he is. So in return has to go stay with this other girl and her kids. He says that is part of his job. I don't know if I should kick him out for cheating or if he is telling the truth. Please help!!!


Dog Lover
Tell me your kidding?

Listen....... unless this guy is working for the Fed's in some kind of Donny Brasco situation......... he is full of crap.

I worked plain clothes for a lot of years....... Sure, I didn't get home every night....... but NONE OF US had any other family.

He is full of crap.

Call down to the police department and speak to the Commanding Officer. If he is truly your boyfriend.. he and the agency will have no problem proving this story to you.

But, I can tell you this is so highly unlikely I would bet a years pay against it!!!!!

He has you hook, line and sinker!

Run, don't walk to the nearest relationship exit!

That's laughable.

Dr. Evil
He's working under covers alright!

Barry C
I agree with doglover on this one.

Please don't tell us you have kids with this guy too.

Tell him not to ever come back tonight, and mean it.

I am sure he tells the other girl the same thing when he wants to be with you. Maybe you should check into that if you want to know what your (ex-)guy is up to!

First become a Detective yourself. Do a background check on your boyfriend. See if he has any training in Police Academy. Your local Police Station will tell you in Narcotics if they have an Officer , by your boyfriends name. It is against the Law to pose as a Narcotics Officer, or any other Officer of the Law. We can't help you, but you can help yourself, by checking him out. If he is lying then he can be in big trouble with the Law and also with you. If he is cheating on you, then kick his *** to the curb and notify the County Attorney that you boyfriend is posing as an Undercover Officer. Good Luck.

If he truly is he shouldn't have told you...

sounds like a lame lie to me.
good luck

Kenneth C
He is 100% full of it. He may very well be an undercover officer (doubt it though). But no undercover officer is going to live with another woman and kids.

The only exception (like someone above mentioned) would be a federal case involving an agent in deep cover for years.

Most undercover officers here go home at night, crash on some scum bags couch occasionally or nap at the station. They never have completely different lives. Oh sure, there might be a car or apartment on the cities payroll that gives them some place to go, or to take druggies to make them seem legit. But it is never going to be another woman's house.

You are being played.

Right...Me, too... Send me all your money immediantly so we can finally put this drug war thing to rest....

Chris L
There's one I never thought of. He's got two women on the line and he's telling you garbage and probably not telling her anything. There's a fool born every minute, what time were you born?

First, is he a police officer? Let's assume he is. There is a line between an undercover officer and his informants that can never be crossed. ex: Spending private time together.
Does his appearance still look like a police officer? If it does he is not working undercover narcotics. I have known many U/C officers and have never heard such a story.

Don't be so gullible. He is obviously cheating on you. Get rid of his sorry butt. Undercover officer go HOME every night.

I have never known our officers to do something like this. If he was undercover, it isn't something he is going to share with others so freely and then come up with a lousy excuse like this for being away from you. Dear, you need to give him the boot and move on. He cannot be trusted from the sounds of it.

Call the Narcotics Bureau and ask to talk with a supervisor. Anytime we had inquiries about undercover officers, we had to refer them to any supervisor in Narcotics and let them handle it because we were not allowed to give out or verify names of any undercover officers.

If the question is whether he is an officer or not, then just ask to see his paychecks from the law enforcement agency. Narcotics officers do not work for free. If you know that he is an officer, but do not know if he is in undercover narcotics, then ask his superiors.

allen a
hahahahaha! very smooth dude!

That's what happens when you get too friendly with a cop. A prerequisite (or unwritten code) for becoming a cop in the first place is to be a good liar, cheater, a thief, and a moron! So your bf must be good at all of those or he wouldn't be a cop.

hire a PI

contact the company he works for and ask about it

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