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How do I go about getting marijuana possession charges dropped for a first time offender?
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How do I go about getting marijuana possession charges dropped for a first time offender?

So basically last night I was stopped by the campus security at the U of Colorado. They saw I had been drinking, and was also carrying a backpack. So upon searching my backpack, they found more alcohol, a little bit of marijuana, and a pipe. So the cops were called and I was written a ticket for minor in possession, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, and paraphernalia. I am a first time offender and the officer said that this would help the situation. I have a court date in June, and would like to know how I can get at least the marijuana possession charge dropped off my record. I really would appreciate help on this one! thanks


Rock Firestorm
You don't get it off, that's why it's called a "record."

The people telling you to get a lawyer use that answer for every single question in here. Doesn't matter, you can't get it "removed."

Perhaps you people who live your life around smoking pot might want to wake up. This stuff follows you around for the rest of your life.

You will need to hire an attorney and you should be able to get out of it and it not be put on your record. You will have to do some kind of community service.

I live in the same area and know the legal system here.

Hire an attorney, and you shouldn't have a problem. You will, of course, be fined and given community service, but as long as you listen to your counsel, you'll be okay.

They're fairly tolerant here unless you're a known *sshole.

Actually a lot of states now allow you to omit marijuana charges on applications for jobs. I wouldn't worry about it you were not taken to jail and will most likely only incur an infraction which is similar to a minor traffic violation.

Get a lawyer.

Most likely they'll give you a continuance without a finding. And if you don't get in trouble, it won't show up on your record.

Bob Loblaw
if you smoke a big cannon before court the judge will realize that you can handle it and drop the charges. tell him you drove there that also helps.explain that you want to be a lawyer and work in his court room one day.

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