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How do fugitives get a new social security and a new name?
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How do fugitives get a new social security and a new name?

Sometimes teenagers use fake ID/drivers license to either go to a bar, watch R rated movies, but you need a social security to live and work in the US. The Social Security Number tells everything about the person once you enter it into the computer, so if you get a false social security card and some one runs you into the computer you the results might come back as doesn't exist or belongs to some one else.


Renee B
Do you know how many people share the same name? It is very easy to get documents made and become legal. No one really checks these things unless you get into trouble with the law.

Kael M
I actually know how they do this and it is not that hard, but identity theft is not nice, even to people who no longer care.

Yeah but I think they mail the information they probably would not notice that is a fake SS# until later, I guess??
Because only you and Uncle Sam Know UR social and have the right to hold information about it, they can't just give SS information to a Club nor Restaurant not even cops.

Ashley J
yeah... but a lot of people have the same names. and you have a chance of people not running it anyways. its so easy to get one too. you just make one up. why do you think we have so many illegal immigrants here...? FAKE.

yea you would definetely get caught sooner or later

Your social security card does not have your picture on it. You could theoretically share an SS with your best friend. On paper, it would like your best friend works 80hrs a week, which some people actually do.

Identity theft has a spectrum of ugliness that ranges from something harmless like a prank phone call to something serious like murdering someone who people will not notice if they're gone (think homeless people). If worried about the picture situation, then how about a baby? I recently got my passport renewed and the picture was of me when I was like 6yrs old and I was a grown adult with facial hair when I get my new picture taken.

The human mind can get very creative, especially when the dollar figure increases.

Shari B
One method that is common is that some people already here sell their SSN's, problem with that is their history now becomes the person who bought it, and vice versa.

I agree with Combatcop.

Ayesha Z
they would go to jail or they would hide from the coppers its because some places dont ask for your id ao liscense witch is stupid bc they should! but if a fugitive were smart he or she would stay low for a long time and not get into any trouble. sometimes if they were wrongly convictred the gov. or police give themnew ids or they ask for protection!!!

your a dummy and you didnt answer my question on my profile.

Dat Dude
that's way too complexed... y wouldn't a "fugative" just steal someone elses I.D

yeah you go into death records and find one that is reallllly oldd

You're kidding right? Each year, thousands of illegals come into this country and obtain fake ssn and green cards. GIve me $200 and I'll get you a new SSN/ID card.

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