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How do i pay a court fine even if i cant afford to do it on the day?? are there any options available?
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How do i pay a court fine even if i cant afford to do it on the day?? are there any options available?

i have been caught speeding, and go to court next wednesday, however, there aint no money in my account for two more weeks. so how do i pay the fines?


G Man
If convicted and fined, they will ask you how you wish to pay, you are entitled to be given time to pay and if you suggest a reasonable timescale, such as, say £20-00 every 2 weeks, they will accept this, you are not the first and will not be the last that offers to make regular payments.
Make sure you do make the payments though or you could find yourself back in court

I am sure the court will allow you to pay it over a set period of time, weekly or monthly!! Next time don't speed if you can't afford to pay the fine!! lol

The best policy is just to be honest with the judge and ask for "terms" to pay the fine. I've never heard of this request being refused.

go to the court and get an extention

they will give you notice on how much to pay and when it needs to be paid by, its usually a few weeks or if you are on a low income they give you longer to pay it

I would have had my license suspended in MD if my father hadn't paid the $300 speeding fine. The clerk gave me 10 days to make full payment. So if you have relatives who are willing to spring for the cash - go for it.

Andy's Mom
you may be able to ask for an extension to pay the full fine or you can also make payments to the court. I have done it before with my outrageous speeding ticket, just be prepared for them to charge a small "fee" for making payments. Also if you didn't want to pay it at all you could ask for community service.

nick s
they will set up a payment arrangement with you. you pay a certain amount every month or check

Many courts will allow you to make payments or get an extension on your fine. The best thing you can do while in front of the judge is behave respectfully, show remorse, and provide honest answers and actual dates when payment can be made. At least that seems to be the key, in Los Angeles County Courts that I have witnessed recently.

ask someone for the money. for the most part if you send something like $10.00 or something that will make them happy that you are putting some kind of effort. Plus you knew you had to pay a fine it just didn't pop up you should have put money away, but that is neither here or there right now. its about fixing the problem now. good luck

The best option is to sell up and leave town. Nothing beats that when the law is on your rear.

Get yourself down to the docks now. Take Vaseline.

Most courts allow you to set up payments, some courts require you be on probation ( paying additoinal probation fees) while you pay off the fine.

** often the probatoin fees will be more than the fine itself.

But other courts merely allow you to arrange payments with the clerk.

Appear on the day you are scheduled and ask for a payment arrangement. Nine times out of ten they will either give you a certain amount of time to pay it, or they will offer you a payment arrangement. Just make sure that you make all of your payments on time, or it will go into warrant.

You must enter this information on your court forms and then the court will come to some arrangement.

Barking mad
Go to court and ask for time to pay, they are very leniant.

Tell the court, ask for time to pay. They can't get blood out of a stone. If the money aint there it aint there. Court will set up a payment arrangement.

As for getting loans from a family member, depends if a "family member" either has the money to lend you or is willing to do it - its not always possible!!!

Mopar Muscle Gal
get a loan from a family member

First go to court to see if there will be a fine. Then ask if you can pay it in two weeks. Some judges will grant that. Be aware that if you miss the date you set to pay, you will go to jail.

speak to the crack of the court

Maid Angela
Ask for time to pay


Ask the court for a payment schedule. Be prepared to show them pay stubs and bank records to prove it. And stop speeding. You can't afford it.

Yes you can do a payment plan with them and pay so much at a time. Or if your court allowed it you can work it off.

Tell the court clerk you need time to pay, in most counties they will allow you 30 days to pay, and if you need more time, you have to show up in person to ask for the extension. Make sure you pay that fine in the time you agree to or there can be consequences that range from bench warrants to added fees.

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