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How do you get to become an informant? OK a snitch?
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How do you get to become an informant? OK a snitch?

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I don't want to google it, I know how to become one, I am curious if you all do. googling is for people that don't have brains.


You can get busted and you usually get a choice to give up others. I used to be a case worker for Dept. of Family and Children Services and at least 5 times a person used their snitch pay as income. Apparently they just walk into the police or sheriff dept. and volunteer to do it. The pay was around $50 per drug bust. One of my clients was found dead in 4 pieces, I never wondered why.

rat out yo people out and then yo people pop a cap in yo butte

Jimmy Pete
Start off by being an untrustworthy snake. Then whenever you see or hear of someone doing anything they are not supposed to be doing, go tell the proper authority. Try to keep it a secret or you may suffer bodily harm. You can really make points by snitching on your friends and family. You might consider changing your name to Rat Fink or some cool snitch name like that. Good luck!

Well if you dont want the person to catch you tell the person you want to tell when the person is not there. Also make sure that they dont know you know the secret. But if they know be very careful.

you rat out 'cho boys and get popped son.

Does it take more intelligence to ask your question here?

Get busted and try to find a way out of it. Or become a cop. Either way you had better be careful because these people you want to snitch on may seek revenge.

Just become a police officer and be done with dribblin about how you want to be a snitch, they love me, how do I????, is there such a thing as a police citizen, blah blah blah........ Oh and have you ever heard of 'Google Scholar'? in case you have a brain you may like to check it out as its obviously for those with brains! Just look it up on the normal 'Google' site and you may just get a supprise.


get into a dirty business deep and when you get caught rat out your bosses..you can also go into the police and get a job as an undercover agent

Start snitching..

Remember what happens to snitches -those Chicago guys don't like them.

got to the cops and tell them what you know. voila!

In order to be a snitch you have to be a really bad guy/gal to have something to snitch about...He have a really long record and they need your help to get someone bigger then you.....

snitch.com, just kidding, but try seaching the web you find some anawers. google it.

Why? What do you know?

Anna M
Personally I prefer 'undercover officer" or "undercover work" as opposed to "snitch". "Snitch" denotes some sleaze bag coping a plea to free himself. Or street/prison slang for the same.

All hypothetical here...............

Well first off you have to actually have something to "snitch" about. If you have information on a regular basis to help solve a crime/crimes.

Or if you are in a certain position to offer information. A gang member, a drug dealer, any illegal activity and such.

Or say you are a private citizen that would like to become involved in crime solving? Join the police force.

An informant is usually gotten from several sources. An actual officer or one of the above.

I dont think they even pay u that much

Authority will try to scare you and make you snitch and scare you by saying they will charge you with this n that the best thing to do is shut the F**K up because YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENCE, then you can talk to your lawyer, they really cant charge you unless they have full evidence and even if you do snitch it wont help you as much as you think, dont do the crime if you scared to do the time!!!

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