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How do you know if your over the limit on the morning after?
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How do you know if your over the limit on the morning after?

I was at party last night had maybe 5/6 vodka and coke with meal and stopped drinking at about 12 I was then dancing for next two hours, Am I still over the limit or how do I know??
I didn't even feel drunk last night but want to know if its safe to drive?
Additional Details
I started at 7.30 yesteday evening and had dinner about 8/8.30 then stopped drinking about 12. Thanks for all your answers, I'm off to book a cab.


You'll definately be over the limit in the morning so the best thing is to play safe and don't even think about driving. I drunk a lot last night and there was no way I would ever have considered driving this morning.

As a rough guide, it takes the human body 2 hours to break down a pint of average strength beer/cider or a double measure of spirit. The simple answer though is, if in doubt then don't drive.

If you did not even feel drunk, then you've been drinking a lot for awhile. The more you drink the less you feel the effects though you are still drunk and certainly should not be driving. A meal does not make any difference. It will be digested after the alcohol not in the middle of a spree.

You can say that alcohol will be in your system for 24 hours. Don't chance driving even after having one pint, every ones body is different, you may feel fine, but a breathalyser could say otherwise and then you will be in the pooper! DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

"Call me Dave"
Yeah as a rule of thumb allow 24 hours, however the Police are getting increasingly desperate to catch drink drivers so just make sure you get your blood sample checked if booked, I have witnessed Police taking names and addresses of drunk drivers and sending them on their way and then lying about it.

Yorkshire Pudding
I guess you'd be ok but don't know for sure. Better to stick to 1 or 2 if you're going to drive the next morning. Why not buy one of those breath test keyring gizmos, then you'll always know if you're ok to drive or not.

I usually know I've gone over when I wake up the next morning and don't recognise the woman lying next to me.

You're in jail...!

you mean still drunk from the nite before, or gauging for next time?

Robert H
try purchasing portable breath testers at your local pharmacy. In college towns, it is common to arrest students for DUI while going to class or getting breakfast

get a cop to give you a breath test and you can be sure.

Neil M
It is now 11 hours since 12:00
You had 5 drinks. That takes 5 hours to metabolize. Add on an hour for an offset.
You are legal to drive if you have up to 2 units in your bloodstream.
So you have been OK since 4am
Add a safety margin of 3 hours making it 7am.
So you are OK to drive now.

The Complete Idiot
if you didn't even feel buzzed, then you were never over the limit

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