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How does an innocent person get out of prison?
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How does an innocent person get out of prison?


Through the gates just like the guilty ones who've served their time or the ones who are on parole.

Every prison - to my knowledge has a law library. Read your way out. I was there and got out early because I took the time to read Department of Corrections by laws. Not a good place to be, but I made it through it, but no one else is going to help a person in prison. Our country now sees prison as an industry. We lock people up that we don't like, instead of people that we are scared of.

emilia d

The appeal system. A person has the right to appeal their trial if found guilty by judge or jury. No appeals if guilty plea. If appealing, one could, (not likely), file for a appeals bond, allowing the person out on bond while the appeal process is going throught appealt court. Govenors or Presidents pardon.

By proving their innocence. This is not an easy thing to do once one is in prison however.

it takes lots of money and time and good lawyers , i have been waiting almost 11 yrs. for my other half. and the paperwork finally went through.

Easy. Prove that they're innocent.

Glen B
Being proved his/her innocence.


That works for the guilty ones too.

By being very very clever and planning and executing the perfect escape plan. And then fleeing the country.

request an appeal to the state you are in, hope for the best

Like how they did in prison break.

tell the sarge you need a vacation.

Take The Midnight Express

Jeffery C
Innocent people are not in prison. Only those found guilty are sent to prison (pretrial suspects are in jail, not prison).

my fincee is in prison for something he didnt do the dna was a females and hes been in there for 8 yrs

jasmine reed
how can you stop an innocent person from going to prison by doing it the law way

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