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How long can a cop follow you before he pulls you over legally?
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How long can a cop follow you before he pulls you over legally?


Max Power
You are on a public road, the cop is on a public road. They can follow as long as they want. BUT, to burst your bubble a little. Most of the time we are not following you. We just can't get around you because everyone drives so damn slow whenever a police car is around

He can follow you as long as he wants to. The road is a public right of way, honey.
It is annoying when they are behind you though isn't it?
I always end up driving way too slow when they are.

cops are required by law to change direction every four minutes. Not.

Forever. He doesn't "have" to stop you at all. He may be checking your plates for past violations. If it makes you nervous, pull into a business parking lot and exit your car. He will either keep going or let you know why he is following you.

Until you mess up and commit a traffic violation!

Dan W
Cops have to drive the same streets you do. Could be they simply got behind you in traffic. If one seems to be following you, turn. If he's still following you, pull over to the curb. If he goes on, fine. If he pulls over behind you, then deal with being stopped. DON'T get out of the car at that point. Put your hands on the wheel and go through all the being stopped etiquette.

If you pull into a business, obviously, you can get out of the car and go into the business as if you're a customer. Then you can really find out if this cop wants to talk to you or was just following you for whatever reason.

Because it is legal, as in not against the law to follow someone in a vehicle.

Tony A
Who is to say he is following you and not just going in the same direction. Do you have a guilty conscience?

Long as he wants, They will usually follow you for a few moments while your plates are ran, to make sure your not a convicted felon or something.

California Street Cop
In CA, there is no law whatsoever. I can follow anyone I want for as long as I want. Can't see a reason for doing it though.

Its just one of those old urban legends ignorant people pass down.

As long as he feels like it.

Sunday P
As long as he wants I think.

As long as he wants. It's the same as if it was just another car.

Ahcho Nam
He can follow you until his jurisdiction runs out so if it's a city cop he can follow you to the city limits, a sheriff can follow you to the end of the county a state cop can go to the state border a federal cop can go to the US border.

all day. if you see a cop following you do this. drive 5 mph below the speed limit. follows all the laws of motor vehicles.

if they pull you over keep your hands on the steering wheel. never give them eye contact. and never speak a word. you have a right to remain silent.

if they ask you for your drivers license and insurance give it to them. keep your lips sealed. if they ask you "do you know why i pulled you over?" just shake your head no.

if they ask you where you are going or what you do for work just point. say nothing. you're not required by law to speak.

Around 3 turns i think. Then he has to either pull you over or go back to patrolling.

John Q.
I had a Ohio State Trooper follow me for 25 minutes; during which time at at red light he got in the left turn lane and just looked at me so I waived. Then when the light turned he got back behind me so he broke the law and I don't appreciate being harassed. I may write Ohio Congress to see if they know law abiding folks are being harassed. By the time the ride was over I was just drained and full of anxiety !

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