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How long can they hold you in jail with out a court date?
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How long can they hold you in jail with out a court date?

my boy friend went to jail for simple battery but charges were droped he has been in jail for 30 day's when will he have a bond or have court?i live in saintmarys g.a and they told him he would have court on the 8th but didn't and he didn't get a dined bond he just didn't have court they messed up.but we would like to know how long they can hold you in jail?please help


Well if charges were dropped, he should no longer be in jail. Typically if charges have not been dropped than he should be elgible for bond within a day and have a court date set.

amanda g
The law is, up to 72 hours before arraignment. If the charges were dropped, then make sure there's not something else going on, like fines or other charges, or whatever.

Racist Answer Man
If charges were dropped he should probably be out.

They can hold you 48 hrs before they Arraign you, be it live or video arraignment. After that, there is no "set" time. The Judge will set a court date, but it can be put off for many different reasons by either party.

they can keep him as long as they want.... no one follows the rules anymore.......

You ask, I answer
simple battery against you or someone else? either way, sounds like he has a temper, so I'd get out of that relationship. if the charges were dropped, then he should be out of there. or is he getting probation? if he's still getting probation, he'll need a court date. let him sit. he needs to learn.

لا إله إلاَّ الله
I am Pretty sure it is 30, or 31 days

Until bond is posted.

2 years

They can hold him as long as they want to.

they can hold him in jail as long as they want to. sometimes people be in jail up to a year before getting a court date. all depends on what the people want to do with him and the crime that is commited!

get a legal aid lawyer.

They can do anything they want too, unless of course you have as much money as the beach has grains of sand. Ask O.J. He can tell you!

jessica edmonds
my brother has been in jail at fraklin count sence october of 2012 and has not recived a court date and he has put in for a court date and asked for a public lawer and he has yet to here anything about his case please i need some advise on what i can do the charge was coversion

HELP !!!!???My wife recently caught her third battery case in 5 years!!!! the first case against a cop (early 2008), the second against me (2008) and the Third early (2011) she cut me with a knife while she was on supervision. She has a 7,500 bond and a first court hearing in 9 days ,my question is will they release her or will they keep her longer and if so how long ?? please help someone!!!!?!?!?!

how long can someone set in jail on a murder charge with out any court date

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