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How long do they search for a missing child?
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How long do they search for a missing child?

About how long after a child goes missing do police give up the search? Obviously after so long the chances of finding the child slim down extremely, but roughly how long would it take for police to stop searching?
I'm writing a story, and I just needed a rough estimate.
Additional Details
he was kidnapped in a city and taken to a cabin. The police have no leads at all- the parents are rich... but no famous. So roughly a month?


Vici D
it depends on where they were lost. in the woods -- 2-3 weeks. in the city -- until they run out of leads.

kidnapped -- 2-4 weeks, unless they get a lead as to who it was, there's a ransom, or they know the kid's dead.

The search never stops.

We sometimes run out of places to look, but that does not mean the search stops.

It also depends on what you mean by a "search." An active, go-out-and-find-them search can only continue while there are places to search. Once those have been exhausted and have been re-checked as many times as needed, there's really no place else to look...but again, that does not mean the search is over.

The longer I think about it, the more this seems like a no-brainer. If you're looking for something, you look for it...your wallet or a child...until you find it, don't you? I suppose you might give up on your wallet eventually but then you're no longer looking for it. Nobody gives up on a kid.

Mr. Goodhi
A Month..

It really depends on "who" the person is. If it's someone conected to someone rich & famous, the search would continue on longer.
Sad but true.

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