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How long does a criminal offence stay on police records?
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How long does a criminal offence stay on police records?


confucious says
a record that the police keep the information stays on the record until the day you die, people get mixed up with the so called "spent convictions" the spent convictions cannot be used against you in courtthey are in effect wiped clean but the police still have the information on the database and it will still be there 50 years later if you live that long the information itself is never deleted

Misdemeanors and felonies stay on your record. It's called a criminal history not a criminal record of 7 years.

I run criminal histories daily and all offenses stay in this history. I see Disturbing the Peace and misdemeanor theft from 30 years ago. It is never taken off of your history. That's all arrests! Even if you are found "not guilty", the arrest still stays on your criminal history. The criminal history is of all arrests and then it shows the disposition.

Ian UK
It depends on what offence it is and when it was committed.

It may stay on record dependant on certain factors but it will only be taken into account, in decision making processes for other offences, generally within 5 years.

Yes, forever. A conviction is usually 'spent' after 5 years meaning you it shouldnt effect job applications. But Police still keep it on their records indefinitely and use this info as intelligence.

roger b
it depends on what sort of punishment you got and also what court you attended, such as if you went to crown court the conviction never becomes spent


robert c
In one way or another!Life!!

tony c
criminal offences are not logged on police records-this is the responsibility of the criminal records bereau (to which the police have access).

any arrests/cautions etc will stay on the PNC (police national computer) for 100 years whether you were convicted of the offence or not.

Depends on what it is. Uk, I think, 5 years, maybe 10. Spent sentance, forever.

Most for life

Tony C
Forever. Felonies never go away. Misdemeanors can not be held against you after 7 years/

depends on the charge

if you don't re-offend 6 years, depending on the offence? some will stay with you forever like rape, child abuse or manslaughter, if its Petty crime like theft or being found in possession of a drug. depending also on the amount found.

you can get most any misdemeanor expunged

Depends on age and offence in Scotland, if you are under 16 and have an offence for say breach of the peace this will be wiped at your 16 birthday but over 16 it will stay forever!!

ur whole life man believe dat cuz i no dis ****

i was charged when i was under 16. i live in scotland will this show when my enhanced disclosure comes back?

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