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How much jail time do you get if found with Crystal Meth?
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How much jail time do you get if found with Crystal Meth?

Thanks in advance


That would depend on the state you are in, the amount of crystal meth and whether the charge is possesion, or distribution, and the temperament of the judge.

1 Why would you get caught with crystal meth? Do you enjoy it? You should really seek help....

2. It all depends on how much you have, and what state you are in. Ultimately it is up to the judge... Remember, the cop will not help you, he is there to prove against you. Get a lawyer and pray for the best.

hopefully you didn't get caught in Georgia

lots I hope but with our sorry laws probably not that long.Say no to drugs please.

to all viewer i sincerely need expert advise now i was just caught with a half a pound of meth with testamony against me from someone that aint creditable i bailed out and got the #1. best rated lawyer in my county which is a good size county i got 2 prior dope cases and one prison prior gow much time will i most likely recieve for this case?????

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