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How much time in jail would someone get if caught by the police with a 1) Handgun on there waist 2) Glove box?
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How much time in jail would someone get if caught by the police with a 1) Handgun on there waist 2) Glove box?

How much jail time if caught by police during a traffic stop
a handgun in waist band or a handgun in glove box?


Depends what state/county/town and if they have a permit.

Also if it is loaded or not.

Oh, and if it is concealed (not visible on the person's waist)

David W
Wow...there's about 300 other variables that would need to be known ....get a good lawyer...

this really depends on the state/region you are in

Kenneth C
In Missouri, if they aren't committing another crime and aren't a convicted felon, they would get no time for the handgun in the glove box because it's legal to carry a firearm in that manner in Missouri.

Waist band is generally charged as a misdemeanor and absent a criminal record or evidence that they committed a crime with the firearm or were planning on committing a crime...probably just a or a fine or a few days in jail. This is assuming they don't have a CCW license and the firearm is licensed, not defaced, ect.

it depends on the city or state. they tend to vary but it wont be too long

In some states in the U.S. a person can apply for and obtain a "concealed carry" permit that allows them to carry a hand gun on them, or hidden in their car.

If they get stopped by the police, they must reveal the gun, but do not get into trouble for having it concealed.

depends did you shoot the cop i.e. you can say no to the car search most people think that you have no choice but to say yes but they are ignorant you can and should say no

Depends on a lot of things. In my state that gun in the glove box isnt even a crime. Simply possessing a gun in the waistband (considering it is concealed) will probably get you anything up to a year in jail.

Kelly F
Depends on where you are. I know here in AZ you can carry a gun to a lot of places without a permit. As long as it's not concealed. And it has to be in a holster...but the holster doesn't even need to be snapped. You are also allowed to keep it in the glove compartment in it's holster without having to have a concealed weapons permit. That's where I carry mine all the time. I've been pulled over with it in the glove compartment and never told anything different.




Diamond.....1 M/C ~*~*
It depends on if the person had a permit to carry the gun. If not then it also depends on the state and the gun laws they enforce. My best friend just got caught with a gun on his waist. This gun was not registered and he did not have a permit. He was sentenced to three years. Keep in mind there are other factors that go into like the individuals record. My friend, unfourtunately has a previous felony charge and was on probation at the time.

fairly smart
If there is a permit, & the person told them about either, when stopped, nothing. If they are not legal, it depends on the state & locality. If they surprised the cop with that fact, they probably were taken down hard, which they deserved.

Marc X
In Texas...
1) on the waist, if plainly visible, then a Class A Misdemeanor, up to a year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine, even with CCW permit.
2) in the glove box, no offense on the face of it, even without a CCW permit, unless it can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the driver was not 'traveling' as defined by Texas code.

But every state is different, VERY different, so don't use one as an example for all the others. Look it up for your own state.

Andjoua J
i have now idea.

Andrew Montgomery
Theres sooooo much that goes into it. They will try to figure out why u have the guns in the first place. if theres a permit. and was it loaded. The thing about the glove box is that they have to have a damn good reason to search ur car. even if they do and ur glove box is locked u dont have to open it. they will ask u but u dont have to. My friend got in trouble with gun charges and they told him 30 years but he got out in 6 months so yea theres no way to tell

Depends on Local & State Laws...!!

Nicholas B
This greatly depends on weather or not you have a license to carry a handgun.
If you have one....then no time at all as long as you don't draw it on the police officer.

Without a license to carry. I'm not sure, but I am pretty sure they at least take it away from you and issue a fine.

glove box would probably get more because of the fact its concealed

Nothing if they have a CCW permit, like me. Otherwise, it's a felony, and the jail time varies by municipality, state, priors, etc.

chad c
i get none. i have a concealed carry liscense.

big buff
I was told one time that it's better to be judged by 12 , than to be carried by 6 . you decide

Depends on what state/country you are in.....who the officer(s) is/are.....how much of pigs they are/aren't

Doesn't possesion of firearms bring the mandatory death sentnece?

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