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How to solve the jail overcrowding problem in america?
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How to solve the jail overcrowding problem in america?


Decriminalize victimless crimes and follow through with the death sentences for murderer and violent repeat offenders.

Make jail more like a jail than a country club.
Deport all of the illegal aliens taking up taxpayer space.
USE the death penalty.

Copy britain and ship them off to australia? haha no.
Lower standards in prisons so that the homeless and destitute don't commit crimes to improve their standard of living in prison.

I Wonder Why...
Make it easier to get the death penalty.

Follow the Mexican jail model

We can get rid of some by;

1. Enforce the death penalty on everyone waiting for it.

2. Apply the death penalty to rapist.

3. Apply the death penalty to child molesters.

Lets try that about 4-5 years and see how it works!

Make penalties harsher and make prisoners work and eat bad food. That should deter lots of potential criminals

Mr. Goodhi
Build more jails...

Eagle F
a high percentage of inmates are there due to alcohol or drug related crimes. More AODA treatment for offenders. long term facilities.

The sherrif of Maricopa County, in Arizona, had the inmates build tents cities for them selves. It is good enough for the men and women in uniform it should be good enough for the criminals.

An eye for an eye. I think that would stop a lot of the crime. Someone is murdered, hand the murderer over to the victims family members and let them do with that person as they please. A child raped? Same thing. Those people do not deserve to live, and they do not deserve to die peaceful. Was their victims at peace?

More Execution, if we did what we said we have 3,500 extra beds.

That would make people think before they Killed.

But we know that won't happen , so we need to get a handle on illegal aliens, about 40% are criminals.
we know that won't happen either.

Find a way to teach (i hate to say it but) Black youths there is another way to get ahead in life.
Blacks are the Majority in prison population and that is a major problem.

We also need to get better and more Public Assistance Attorneys, they tell their clients to take a deal even if they aren't guilty.

We also need to keep Violent Criminals in for their entire sentence, the recitative rate is astounding.

Legalizing Pot might help, it is as harmful as Alcohol, but because of Outdated Laws so it's vilified.

We should also build more Prisons, the over crowding just breads more violent Criminals.

Also create Prisons that are really built to reform people, Teach them while they r in there that you can make it on the outside.

professional student
I see a lot of people calling for the death penalty on people who represent a minority of the prison population. The overcrowding of prisons in the US is because we imprison the largest number of adults per capita than any other nation. The lions share of these crimes are drug related.

If you want to keep the same laws, then we have to get very serious about getting the population away from drugs. Unfortunately drugs are now a part of our culture to the extent that we can't get rid of them. Look at all the celebrities who've used drugs, even our current president.

well the death penalty is good for the low life worthless pile of sh** killers, rapist,molesters,but we need to make 100% they did it ,to many wronged because of our system. i beleave our USA pass a few laws like schools should never go with out funds or teachers,( very high importance) mental health facilitys should have more suport from every one. (very very high importance) I work in mental health and trust me we need help,this career is not a get rich but a gratifacation to help others,if we educate our kids to have better we will have a better nation.. UP WITH MENTAL HEALTH & SCHOOL EDUCATION

build more jails.

This is a good question... I am a student, looking to get into researching parts of this phenomena in our culture. so far, I am a big believer in prevention.
Start in schools, problem solving skills, life skills, etc... I think alot of this problem stems from lack of choices. Everyone is screaming about the "choices" people have made. Well, in order to even have a choice, you need options to choose from, time and safety to contemplate those options, which I believe are minimal at best for some people.
I would like to develop a program for young adults/teenagers that would teach some skills for coping, skills for getting along in life within legal boundaries, making wise decisions that would positvely affect the future for themselves and society.

Many would suggest the death penalty.

Find a way to end poverty.

John D. A Viet Nam Vet
This is really an easy fix. Our arcane government needs to get in tune with the times and with the Sacred Scriptures and legalize marijuana, and licence growers and tax it like they do gasoline and tobacco. In fact, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. And even though I will be tagged as a conspiricy theorist, anyone willing to investigate the matter can easily discover that marijuana was made illegal because of pressure put on the government by the big oil companies, the paper pulp companies, and Dupont and Monsanto.

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