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I'm being fined for flicking a cigarette butt out the window. Should I (or can I) fight this?
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I'm being fined for flicking a cigarette butt out the window. Should I (or can I) fight this?

I was traveling down I-77 South near Brecksville, Ohio an hour ago and was pulled over for flicking my cigarette butt out the window. This is, apparently, punishable by up to a $100 dollar fine. Considering how asinine this charge is, should I just pay the fine, or should I (or can I, and how) fight it?
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Really, it's a cigarette butt, hundreds of thousands if not millions get thrown out car windows every day, why should I be singled out?


i used to smoke, i've flicked a butt or two in my day, but i've done some growing since then. 1. it can and does cause fires. 2. i know of butts flying out of one window into another. use the ash tray, bite your lip, pay the fine. as littering its insignificant, but it's enough to nail you!

it will probably cost more in court costs to fight it.

well usually most interstates have signs that say something about littering. If there is not a sign anywhere on that interstate then you may have a slight chance on fighting.

Otherwise if you do not have a valid reason as to why you flicked it out the window, then you are pretty much screwed so just pay it and avoid havin the judge be pissed at you for wasting the court's time.

Pay it, it's littering. You'll never win the case. It is not asinine. The cigarette butts are disgusting and dirty, and the chemicals are bad for the environment. Your car most likely has an ashtray, as well, so there's no reason to throw it out onto the ground.

Pay the fine. At best you've littered, at worst, you've created a potential fire hazard. In certain states, the fine would be much higher than that. In my state, we've lost thousands of acres because someone tossed a cigarette butt out the window.

Good. I'm sick of people thinking rules apply to everyone but them. Pay up and shut up.

omg. just pay the damn thing. it's called littering.

id just pay it

You deserve to get fined for littering. If they are finning you just because it was a cigarette then I would fight it.

andrew h
It is considered littering, and Ohio takes pride in its interstates (haven't you seen all the signs saying keep it clean!?). If you go to the police department with the ticket, you may be able to discuss it with someone (actually I would call the courthouse, because at the police house they may be biased toward their fellow cop) and tell them what happened, and if there is anyway you can just get a warning. Also, if you really want to fight it, try and find if cigarette butts are biodegradable if they are you may also get more leway.

littering is littering. like you said, hundreds of thousands get thrown out every day. Someone has got to clean them up. would you like to do that instead of paying the fine? Can you imagine how much more trashier the streets would look if there wasn't a fine for littering? Thats what they make ashtrays for and if you do not have an ashtray in your car then use a soda can or something.

well i think you should pay it because 1, it is litering, and 2, it can cause fires, and possibly cause another's car to blow up(worse case senerio)

People who throw their cigarette butts out their car windows is my pet peeve.

Pay it, and next time, just use your ashtray, for pete's sake!

It's considered littering and you're lucky you aren't paying the maximum fine for littering. It's better to pay the 100 bucks than have your name associated with going to court.

Why should you be singled out? Because you did it right in front of a cop for one! Did you know the fine for littering is more than DUI in MO? Funny thing we all talk about here. But back on topic. The one thing I hate is when people do dumb S&*( right in front of me while I'm in my patrol car. I don't know if they think they can get away with it or that I don't care. Guess you did it in front of a cop that did? woopsie.

Let's say you go to court. "Did you throw the butt out the window." YES, but........... "Guilty." The excuse of "everyone else does it" doesn't work my friend. You could also say "everyone else speeds, but I got caught." Does that happen? Pay the fine and save yourself, the judge, the officer, the DA the headache of putting up with a retarded court case. I've seen many of them and I'm telling you you don't have a snowball's chance........

What I tell people on a car stop when they say the same thing you did, "Everyone else does it, how come you're stopping me?" My answer: "Have you ever been fishing?" YES "Have you ever caught every fish in the lake?" Think about that one.

Rose o
it is littering...................pay the fine

Heidi H
You could try but youd probably loose so id just pay it.

well, if you fight about it, and make a huge deal about it, sometimes they will just dismiss it.

You should pay the fine and quit smoking. (or use that nifty little ashtray that your car came with)

You can try and fight it, but if the police officer shows up and says he saw you do it, then your chances of winning are very low. You should consider yourself lucky, in California, the fine ranges from $500 to $1000. Also, in CA if its done in an area of high fire danger you're in really big trouble.

If you fight it, you best hope there are not any firemen on the jury.
Your inconsiderateness could cause someone to loose their home or possibly their life in a fire.
You are lucky you are in Ohio, and not Ca. we have very strict laws here about Butts, cigarettes and otherwise.
As a matter of fact you can not smoke in YOUR car if you have a child in it.

the driver is always responsible for what his passengers throw out the window sorry bud, you could try and make your friend pay you, but hell prolly be a **** and not do it....

God Bless America
It's true, there are millions that do this every day, but there are one in a million that get caught. You are lucky that the fine for littering is $100. Here in my state its $350 dollars. That makes you think twice about putting anything out the window, including your arm. Pay the ticket and quit littering the highways. Use your ashtray because that's what they are for.

Too Bad Don"t Smoke, Simple!!!

The girl is right, it would probably cost more in court fees to fight it then it would to just pay it.

Some cops are just DESPERATE to fill their quota. It's ridiculous that they even have a quota. They shouldn't!

That is just ridiculous. I would try to fight it but I'm not exactly sure how but good luck.

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