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I'm being harassed 24/7 - what should I do?
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I'm being harassed 24/7 - what should I do?

I'm super stressed out. Light details: being followed as if I was a criminal, can't use my electronics (lot's of strange events), and late night loud cars revving engines outside my window then leaving. Plus much more ... Any suggestions are welcome as to how to put an end to this. I have a clean conscious.


Do you have anyone that might stalk you for any reason?
If you are really worried, you might contact local law enforcement.
However, if no one you know would have a reason to stalk you, you might also speak with a psychiatrist. Acute Paranoia is a mental condition that can be helped. Sometimes it can be caused by lack of sleep or different medications.
I took some crazy diet pill last summer that did that to me. I was accusing my husband of having an affair with my neighbor, who was also a close friend. I accused him of putting roofies in my drink so he could get me out of the way to mess around with her... all kinds of crazy stuff, that now that I look back at the "evidence", I'm plumb embarrassed!

I knew that I went off my rocker last summer, but I didn't know why until I researched the pill recently, and it's caused several other people to do the same.

Anyways... I'm not saying your crazy, I'm just saying if you can't find hard proof that anyone is stalking you, you might want to talk with your doc, get a blood test, and if all else fails, see a psychiatrist.

Good luck! And I hope no one really is stalking you!

Lela A
make reports to the police about everything that is going on and keep your own documentations..try getting details of cars...etc..police then can investigate these events

You are disturbed. Seek help immediately.

why would someone be doing this to you? that is very odd... I say you should call the police, and demand full on protection, get an attorney that would help to enforce that... if that isn't costly enough I would probably get a security system for your home if you don't already have one

i lovee youu143
Hire a private detective or call the police/

if you have evidence, call the police. if you have no evidence whatsoever, be careful calling them, they may think you are crazy.
if you have the money, you can hire a private detective to investigate either way, if you have evidence or not.

Un Taro

Get it on tape, then turn it in to the police.

Call the police and talk to them about the issue. Record, in a journal, times, dates, license plates (if safely possible), etc.
If you know who is doing this, report that person, including any evidence you can. If you feel your life if in danger, do it now.

It sounds like you ticked someone off.

the earthquakemoonman
record everything on video tape= pretend you are a tourist in "the twilight zone" and your just taking pictures==this way yo have some proof when you go to the proper authorities= If in fact this, and much more is happening =get help= as for the creep revving his engine, just say up late one night to get his picture==Hey, please post a list of other things, just to get it documented.

Lisa W
Restraining order and re loud care revving engines, call the cops.

First of all, calm down: you can do this by taking deep breaths while listening to soft, relaxing music in a safe space that is private, where no one can intrude upon you. Remain in this place for 5 - 10 minutes twice a day at first and repeat mantras to yourself: "I am a good person, I am safe here, no one can hurt me here, I have not done anything wrong, ...etc." If you are a believer, repeat to yourself that you are turning everything over to God; that He is in control, and not you.

After you've calmed down a bit, approach local police and describe your situation. Tell them what you suspect and give them any reasons you think this might be happening.

See what they recommend. Try to keep your cool at all times.

Think to yourself that this is making you into a stronger person.

And seek some talk therapy from a counselor or a psychologist ...just to get everything out and have someone with an educated opinion offer advice. Don't feel like anything is wrong with you...you're obviously in a stressful situation.

And exercise...jogging or rowing.

Good luck and hope to hear from you again!

ok this sounds scary, is someone stalking you?

ask someone to stay with you, and tell the police so they can check it out just to make sure.

Somebody's got you penciled in for something or maybe your just paranoid.

Simplify your life.

I am being stalk also for the passed three years I am being stalking everywhere I moved from state to state I can not seing to have a break. my stalkers don,t have limits in this country they have access in everysingle place. I have not being able to keep a job for three year everytime I have a job the stalker contact my manager and supervisor they put together set me up and get me fire these stalkers after my life I don't know what to do. A few year ago I was harassing by a few police officer I report the harassment since then my life become a living hell rumor said they put my life for a reward of $20,000 whomever take my life get they money. I don't any physical evidence because I can't afford a private detector.

I too am having this problem for years now because of a police officer that got angry when he came on a call and it was his relatives i called on there is nothing i can do i am disabled on limited income this was even being done as i took care of my dying family member & no it is not paranoia !

These people are trying to get a reaction out of you and make you afraid for your life and it is only a misdermeaner and it is extremley hard to prove unless you can afford a private investigator. you can only change your reaction do as MADOG says

I too am having this problem for years now because of a police officer that got angry when he came on a call and it was his relatives i called on there is nothing i can do i am disabled on limited income this was even being done as i took care of my dying family member & no it is not paranoia !

look up on your computer organized gang stalking you can read all about what is happening to you, i was wandering if you are a woman,it is done mostly to single women that do not have much family.

I have requested your web site remove all of my comments I want that done today 2-14-11 thank you from hopefull101

Locked up
Iam totaly scared to drive anymre ive gt no criminal offences ive been harrashed now for months dnt knw wot to do anymore by 4 or 5 metro cops theyve stopped me beaten me up an took my car and also took my car sound and literaly broke my car i begged and cried one nite askin them wot did i do il make it rite bt yet it didnt face them nw i also lost my drivers licence and they knw ive gt a licence they give me tickets for anythan they follow me around one nite while they were beatin me up they told me its becos i dnt have a licence bt they knw i gt ive gt a three year old babygirl iam a qualified fitter why are they doin this to me cn anybody help me the reason for even being so scard how do u fite the law isnt they job to protect and to serve plz sum1 help me

on to it
I have filthy rich people screwing me over and using high up bent cops for information and trying to set me up. Apparantely they have DNA from a blood test i had at the doctors to set me up with. am holding my own but loosing ground.

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