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I'm stuck, please answer!! What happens to a person when harassment charges have been filed against them?
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I'm stuck, please answer!! What happens to a person when harassment charges have been filed against them?

I was pushed tonight by a drunk 30 some year old man. Needless to say the police were called and the only way they were able to take him out of the house was if I said I would press charges. The officer said that they would contact me to see if I would want to follow through with the charges. I am at a loss right now because he is one of my brother's good friends and he just got way out of control. I should probably add that I am 5 months pregnant. I need some outside views, should I go through with pressing charges?? And what will happen to this guy if I do??


can you file harassment charges on someone if thay filed on you first

Ms. Yana Baby
When you file harassment charges against someone they usually put a warrant out for that person arrest. Once that happens they usually go find the person and put them in jail. It depends on when they pick up the person how long they are in jail. Once they are put in jail they have to go in front of a judge. I don't know your situation but if this person harasses you over and over then yea you should file charges but if this is the first time and he usually don't bother you then i wouldn't i would just tell my brother and let him handle it. The choice is your sweetie. Congrats on the pregnancy.

You didn't say what state or country you're in so it's probably not possible to give you a definitive answer.

Under California law you're not describing harassment, you're describing a battery.

The outside views you'll receive here are worthless. Nobody here can possibly help you decide what to do without knowing more about your situation and even then, nobody here will have to live with the outcome of the views they offer - only you will.

It isn't possible to tell you what might happen to this person without knowing all the facts about the case, the person's criminal history, and the laws governing this kind of matter where you are.

My ex niece have an OP against me, which she lied to get. Yet, she is calling my home 3 or 4 times a month for the past 3 months. I have a record of some of the calls on my phone bill. Can I go back to court to have this OP dropped?

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