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I Stole Money. What Is the worst thing that can happen?
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I Stole Money. What Is the worst thing that can happen?

I have never been in trouble with the law, and I never been in court. This would be my 1st offense if caught. So what is the worst thing that could happen legally?? Jail?If so, how long? Probation? House Arrest? What is the punishment for the theft of about $900 bucks???
Additional Details
Im 18, i wired it from an online Paypal account to purchase online goods. Is that better?


together at last
You'll probably become a talk show host.

Heidi 4
I have no idea what the WORST thing that could happen but I do know the BEST thing for you to do for YOURSELF!


You have deprived another person of what is legally theirs which indicates you are a very selfish, dishonest person. Even by your question it is evident that your attitude is: IT'S ALL ABOUT ME.

Do you have a conscious, if not, discover when and how it died. I truly feel sorry for people like you who are totally unconcerned about the rights of others.

Ben Aqui
What is your self-respect worth?

get caught
go to jail
get a bad record
not trust worthy to jobs, or denied for several things such as apts, etc.
stay out of trouble
is it really worth it?

You do it again and get caught!? You store that in the back of your head and remember it next time you go to steal, that someone worked for this money, or object. its people like you who make me lock my door.

Michael R
Well any theft over $500 is a felony so you will face fines, have to pay the money back and also probably go to Federal prison.

Anything over $500 is considered a felony, so you can get jail time .

900 dollars makes it a felony. The fact that you used an electronic media (Paypal) and obviously used someone elses bank acct or credit card makes it federal. Get yourself a good attorney, but plan on doing some time in club Fed.

KC V â„¢
It sounds like maybe "Theft by Deception" or "Theft by Fraud" which are both serious offenses because of the amount. As a first time offender, it would be my experience, within my own jurisdiction, to see that you will have to pay "restitution" with probation up to around one or two years. Best wishes.

Judge Dredd
Since you are not very smart and can't even realize that maximum punishments vary from country to country and state to state (which is why you probably steal for a living), the worst that can happen is you get your hands cut off is some countries. Since you probably live in the US or UK, you could get 6 to 12 months worst case.

tony c
the chances are you will get probation and be ordered to replace the stolen money-but bear in mind this is at the judges discretion-he could jail you!!. if found guilty you will also be left with a criminal record which if you were to find yourself on the wrong side of the law again would almost certainly be raised at any future hearings and this would almost certainly see you jailed.

Tiny Dancer
first of all $900?!!!! that is grand theft... which is a felony. so at 18 you'll have a felony on your record... you are lucky it was online because otherwise you could get also charged with burglary or robbery depending on what happened... which would give you more felony charges. you will probably go to jail for a short period... go to court... have to pay back all the money plus additional charges in court fees and fines. it will be harder to get good jobs for the rest of your life because you will always have to mention that you have a felony on your record. Pretty much that was a really bad decision you made... you better hope you dont get caught.

be glad ur not a guy, otherwise you wouldn't wanna know the worse thing that could happen whilst u were in jail.

i suppose the person you stole the money from could send the boys round on you, that wouldn't be very good either.

They can chop off your hand. Wait, what country are you in?

Gary B
I'm not going to say anything about the moral side of this since other answerers already have, except to say that if your conscience is bothering you, you really should consider whether God is trying to get your attention and may want you to do something about it.

Legally, I think that this would be considered petty larceny, which I believe is a misdemeanor. Jail time (or much anyway) seems doubtful to me if you pay it back. Depends on where you live, of course. Here's some information that might be useful (scroll down to the "legal dictionary" part):


It's a felony and you will be in prison because it's over $500.
Hate to tell you this..but you should be worried.

Dig in!
You could get jail time but probably not for a first offense and $900.

jail, hell, prison tatts

you could goto hell.

Well if they somehow find out who you are which isn't all that hard all they need is a name, or a phone number and they can find your address very easily. you could be visited by someone who is going to pound you off of walls and doors for half an hour, meanwhile you won't have seen the other person's face, you end up in the hospital with no charges to press. Is 900 dollars worth that. It probably is to the 1 you stole it from

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