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I am 16...does the police have my fingerprints?
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I am 16...does the police have my fingerprints?

I had touched a tool that may have been used in a crime...from what I have heard, they took it to a fingerprinting lab. When they find my prints on it, are they going to be able to match it up to me? Do they have anything to match it to? I assume there will be multiple people's prints on there anyway, since it was in a store and I wasn't the last one to use it. I have never done anything bad, but I do not want to be blamed for this. Can they accuse me for this just for having my fingerprints?
Additional Details
I was one of the last people to touch it...and I have my Driver's License. I don't remember getting my prints when I was young


They will need a lot more then fingerprints to arrest you and unless you have ever been arrested for something or were entered in the system when you were younger by your parents in case you were kidnapped or lost, you fingerprints won't be in the system. The police won't just accuse anyone whos fingerprints were found at te scene, although if they think you may know something they will question you but you don't have to answer and they havfe nothing to arrest you on. So don't freak out because I'm guessing nothing will happen to you anyway if its jsut a couple prints on a screwdriver that a bunch of people have probably touched other then you.


If your not sure then you should go give then your finger print to make sure...

They cant match your prints to anything, unless you gave it to them yourself, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, even if they did find your fingerprints on it and they did have your prints on file your prints would come back inconclusive, if you didn't do anything wrong then you don't have anything to worry about.


michelle d
i highly dought u will be caught for whatever it was even if it wasnt anything if anything thay will mostly take the first prints thay find on it which wasnt u so u wont be the calpret and if you to get the police at your door it will mostly be for questioning only.

If you never been arrested and fingerprinted,,you should be ok.Letting them know about your prints would help eliminate yours..good luck.

not unless you have broke the law and theytook your finger prints

You may have had your prints taken when you were born,other than that you would know if they have your prints on file ,like if you applied for a job and had to give prints for a background check.

Sarah D
not unless you have gotten arrested

if they dont have your prints of file than def no

Chill out. Unless it was a murder they aren't going to try to track somoene down on that.... They'll compare it only to a suspect if they have one.

If it was in a store then they probably won't look to closely at the fingerprints anyway..... especially if there are multiple prints. The police only would have your prints if you've been arrested and fingerprinted before.

Sean X
They cant match it if they have never taken your prints but if you are arrested sometime in the future and they take your prints they could match it then.

If you have ever been booked, the police have your fingerprints.

The police only have your fingerprints on file at the FBI if you were fingreprinted before, arrested, job or some fingerprinting event.

SO most likely no, what what they will have is that fignerprint, so if you are latter fingerprinted it will match

They don't have your prints unless your parents had you printed when you were young or if you have been fingerprinted by the police. I think you need counsel regarding this matter. This could drag out forever and you want to get on with your life.

Shelly t
if you have never been finger printed then they do not have yours on file and can not match them. But if you did not do anything wrong you should not have anything to fear even if they did. I would be happy to give my finger prints to the police as I have nothing to hide.

if they don't have your fingerprints on file anywhere then they have nothing to compare them to and if it was in a store on display then it is covered by fingerprints and theres no telling how many peoples fingerprints they are i doubt that you could have done anything that would make them spend enough money to rule out all the fingerprints and then find you. what you do have to worry about is "friends" that talk to damn much good luck

You won't be convicted of a crime JUST because they found your fingerprints on the tool. They would need a lot more evidence than that.

Did you ever submit your fingers to be printed by a law enforcement agency? If not, they don't have your prints on file. If, in the course of investigation, they request you to be fingerprinted, consult an attorney.

Yes they can accuse you for it if your fingerprints are on it, but if you didn't commit the crime then you're safe.

If your fingerprints aren't on file then no they can't accuse you. They probably don't have your fingerprints because you're only 16. I don't think the police even have mine and I'm 18. If you've been convicted of any other crimes then they might have them. You'd know, because they can't fingerprint you without your knowledge.

They won't have them unless you gave it to them. Mine are on file with the DMV for my driver's liscense.

if u have never been booked b4 they shouldn't have ur prints

Eva D
are you kidding?

from the time that you're conceived, big brother has your finger prints, dna, donor matches, and just about every other morsel of information that forms your identity on file at some secret center.

of course, you'll never have access to this kind of stuff, otherwise there would be a big rebellion.

Stupid boy. Why get yourself involved in that mess? Anyway, don't worry about it. The pigs are ignorant and incompetent.

Okay everyone I'm 16 and me and a friend of mine went to so ones house late at night and egged there yard and poured flour and syrup on there steps and left some food in the back of there truck but got spooked and left the bag for flour on the steps and the bowel for food in the back if truck....my friend who is 15 spray painted the dudes truck and rims and took a knife to it....I helped spray pair the yard a little bit.....now the cops are getting involved and I'm scared tere going to runs the stuff for prints....I'm scared that I'm going to get in trouble...I'm scared there going to come forward and ask to take our prints then were screwed.

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